Continental Airlines Onepass Elite Status Matching

Continental has a pretty generous secret status matching program, as they will actually match up to Platinum status – a rarity, as most programs will only match to mid-level status. That’s great news if you have top-level status elsewhere.

The bad news is that they will not match the status of other airlines in Star Alliance. If you were hoping to switch from US Airways to Continental, you’re out of luck.

If you can wait, it’s best to do the match after July 1st, as your status will then last at least until two February’s after that date (ie, a July 1st, 2011, status match will be good until February, 2012.

Continental has recently switched to a “Challenge” program for status matching. You have 90 days to fly:

- 10,000 miles or 15 segments to match Silver
- 17,500 miles or 22 segments to match Gold
- 35,000 miles or 40 segments to match Platinum

To get your status matched, send a copy of your elite card, a copy of your elite statement, a copy of your OnePass card, and a copy of your OnePass statement to the OnePass Service Center:

By Mail:
OnePass Service Center

Attn: OnePass Match Program
PO Box 4757
Houston, TX 77210-4757

By Overnight Service:

Continental Airlines
OnePass Service Center
9999 Richmond Avenue, Suite 112
Houston, TX 77042

By Fax:

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