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Delta Airlines Skymiles Elite Status Matching

Delta will offer a status match up to mid-tier (Gold) level status from other major carriers.

To get your status matched, send a current statement from the airline where you have Elite status, along with a letter explaining why you want the status. It will also help if you note any full-fare tickets you expect to be purchasing, and any upcoming business class travel. If you’ve switched jobs or projects, you should note how much you’ll be traveling on Delta in the near future.

Delta will occasionally offer an American-like challenge program where they will require you to fly a certain number of flights in a given period. If you will not meet the number of flights required in the challenge, do not agree to do it, as you may find that they will not offer it in the future.

For the status match send the letter and statement to:

Delta SkyMiles Service Center
Attn: Elite Status Match
Dept. 654
PO Box 20532
Atlanta, GA 30320
Fax 404-715-9220

If you’re having trouble finding the flights you want for all of those Delta miles you have, check out our Award Travel Booking Service.

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  1. David Bushnell

    I faxed all the information except address on 3/6/12. I do not have a Delta # that i know of. My address is.

    15131 County Road 1125
    Tyler, Texas 75703

    I received an e-mail from:
    Nelson Underwood
    SkyMiles Account Support

    As I have previously explained,I am an Alaska Gold Member and would like to become a Delta match member. I faxed the flts on Delta using my AK Gold #
    Do i need to get a Delta # before this transaction is completed or will you assign one ?
    My home e-mail is:

    Please forward this to Nelson Underwood,
    Thank You
    David Bushnell
    903 343 7126

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