Delta Announces Launch of Monrovia, Liberia Service (Finally!)

Delta Air Lines announced that it will launch 1-stop, once-weekly service from Atlanta to Monrovia, Liberia (via Accra) beginning in September.  Delta rolled out plans for the service several years ago as part of its ill-fated Cape Verde hub strategy (fascinating, but never launched).  The Liberia portion of that plan was quashed when the airline did not receive necessary approvals from the US and Liberian governments.

In case you were wondering, no Delta crew will spend an overnight in Monrovia which, while safer than before, is not exactly Cape Town.  Flights will depart within 3 hours of landing.

Delta now has plans to serve 10 African destinations from the US, which is impressive as just a few years ago no US airline served the continent.

Part of that Cape Verde hub strategy involved flights to Equitorial Guinea and Angola, flights that appeared to be permanently scrapped when Cape Verde went away.  But the end of the press release linked above suggests that the airline may, one day, serve those countries.


  1. we need D ELTA air line to serve SIERRA LEONE very close to Liberia Monrovia,just pick up more pasengers from sierra leone next door and take off from roberts fields to the states.

  2. sierra leone has no direct flight to usa with delta in liberia, that will be a break through for sierra leone