Spirit Airlines Strike Update for Monday June 14

Spirit Airlines Strike Update: Monday June 14

Spirit has now canceled flights through Wednesday.  For stranded consumers they continue to offer a flight voucher for a future flight in the amount of your original fare plus $100.  Or stranded passengers can get a full refund by calling 800-772-7117. Good luck getting through.  Seriously.

The airline also clarified their offer to pilots, saying that pilots are being offered a 47% increase in pay over 5 years (once annual increases are taken into account), not just the 29% the airline had previously reported.  That said, pilots are obviously not happy about something beyond the basic pay increase.

All that aside, if you’re stranded you’ve likely noticed that other airlines in many cases are charging a small fortune to get you home (note: that’s probably why you bought a ticket on Spirit to begin with).  Short of renting a car, our friends at Cranky Concierge are doing everything they can to arrange new flights for anyone who calls them at 707-797-7474 (full disclosure:  I have no financial tie to Cranky Concierge, but I like Brett – aka Cranky Flier – and it’s certainly times like this where his service is helpful).  I’d gladly pay someone $25 not to have to wait on the phone for an hour to speak with someone from Spirit.

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  1. The car rental option is definitely one folks should consider. Several years ago, I was scheduled to fly my family home from FLL after New Year’s and Delta’s pilots decided to hold a sick out. My flight was cancelled, and the airline was telling me it would be days before they could re-accomodate us. We simply rented a car and drove. Sure, it sucked, but it got us home within 20 hours.

    Of course, if you’re stuck in the Caribbean, you can’t drive home.

    I’m a bit surprised that no one seems willing to do anything for the stranded Spirit pax. Would it really be a hardship to sell them stand-by seats for a couple hundred dollars? Is the free kind-hearted publicity not worth anything? And what about the traditional duty of carriers to offer aid to distressed pax? Is that now out the window?

  2. If you were wondering how much the other airlines hate Spirit, this answers that question.

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