United Airlines Pilot Drops Pants at Brazil Airport

A United Airlines pilot dropped his pants to his ankles as a joke during a security screening at Rio de Janeiro’s airport on Saturday, a joke that lead to him being detained briefly at the airport.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Gee, you don’t see the words ‘joke’ and ‘security screening in Rio de Janeiro’ together too often.”  There’s a reason for that.  Security had asked the pilot to remove his belt as part of a routine security check, and he thought it would be funny to drop his pants.  Brazilian security officials, despite the country’s general permissiveness toward the less-than-clothed, didn’t find it funny and kept the officer for questioning.  He was released and allowed to fly back to Washington, DC.

Oddly enough, you may remember that a few years back another pilot at Sao Paulo was detained after giving the finger while being photographed by passport officials.


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