Continental: No Truth to Rumor We Are Leaving Cleveland for Miami

(Editor’s Note:  Apparently people have been calling the helpful and quite lovely PR folks at Continental after seeing the previous headline for this post, where I wrote “Continental Airlines Announces It Is Leaving Cleveland Hub.”  Out of respect for the wonderful PR team down there who have better things to do than deal with misunderstandings stemming from the OTR, I have changed the title above.  Carry on).

After years of speculation that it had outgrown the often chilly climate at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Continental Airlines announced that it was leaving its Cleveland hub for the heat in Miami, opening a base there in a 3-way alliance with United and US Airways.

Continental had been in Cleveland for years, stretching all the way back to when it was a well-known Continental Express mini-hub serving only local destinations.  But, although Cleveland was able to offer nonstop service to London, it could not provide all of the international opportunities that Miami could provide.

The move to the 3-way alliance in Miami was first broached during a layover in Beijing in 2008, when the three airlines came to a secret alliance where they said that no matter where they had hubs in 2010, they would leave for the opportunity to share a co-terminal arrangement in Miami.

Continental felt that although it was always the leading airline in Cleveland, it would never be a top global carrier without moving out of the Midwest.

Several other cities were in contention to lure Continental out of Cleveland, including Chicago.  But many observers felt that the eternal shadow of Royal Jordanian, which doesn’t even serve Chicago anymore, would prevent Continental from laying down its roots in the Windy City.

Following this move, Continental announced that it was offering the Cleveland area bus service similar to what it offers travelers in the Allentown area.

Some critics contend that the airline has taken a rather cavalier attitude toward the departure after everything the city has offered the airline over the years.  But, the move was not unexpected, as Continental told airport officials 6 years ago that it was not interested in signing a long-term lease at the facility because, as they said, who knows what is going to happen in 4 years.

Continental’s departure leaves Cleveland Hopkins with no nonstop air service.


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  1. Steve From

    Many people thought New York had put in a bid in the knick of time but it failed to win the coveted prize. The high tax rate imposed by Albany lawmakers was thought to be a reason why the Big Apple lost out. Los Angeles was also clipped in in its efforts to snag it also. It is true that many people felt bullish about Chicago but in the end, was “slam-dunked” by South Beach.

  2. missed opportunity

    Not sure how you can write about this and not see the parallels to the LeBron James situation. They are so similar it’s kind of eerie, right down to the fact that James, Wade and Bosh became buddies while playing in the olympics (i think it was even in Beijing which is nuts).

    Bad job man.

  3. What does this have to do with LeBron doing a basketball camp in Akron this week? I don’t get it… Or are you referring to him entering the NBA directly from high school?

  4. They figured while they were pulling out of the Houston Headquarters that they might as well just leave CLE too. I know CLE will miss all those comfy Embraers putzing around the runways just as much as Houston will miss having in town the headquarters of this Fortune 500 company. Well one thing is true here….Continental pulls HQ out of Houston but they stay in CLE.

  5. What kind of irresponsible “journalism” do you call this cruel and deliberate hoax? And your snarky “correction” with insincere and sarcastic references to “lovely” and “wonderful PR folk” should be enough for your readers to know that you not only don’t check your facts, but that you are a resentful and sore LOSER for being called on this. Shame on you. In my estimation, you have done irepairable harm for which damages should be sought.

    • “journalism” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      And I was sincere about the PR team, lebron

      Youre just mad continental didn’t go to the knicks

  6. Seek professional help.

  7. Professional Help

    I’ve been summoned here by cyberspace to resolve some sort of dispute. Apparently someone here is suffering from a severe case of no sense of humor and headuptheassicitis. Rob, please step away from the computer and take a deep breath. It will be ok.

  8. As both a basketball and airline nerd, that was hilarious. Thank you.

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