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Passengers Removed from Air Canada Flight After Watching 9/11 Video

A man and his son were removed from an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Orlando after other passengers saw them watching video of the 9/11 attacks.  Passengers on the plane, which had not yet left Toronto, told flight attendants that they were not comfortable being on the plane with the passengers watching the movie about the attacks.  Flight attendants confronted the man and his son, and had them removed from the plane.  They were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing (?), and sent on the next flight.

Said one incredibly over-protective Air Canada employee, “I don’t know if it was the right decision…But better safe than sorry.”

Seriously, this is still going on?


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  1. I read your column almost every day, but i’m not sure what you mean by ‘seriously, this is still going on’

    do you think it’s ok for passengers to frighten others?
    what sicko would be watching WTC attacks while flying anyway?

    i hope airlines continue to be vigilant even if it bothers some people.

    • Could you give me a list of things you would be uncomfortable with people watching while flying? Or reading? Can we watch Airplane? How about The Producers (that’s about Nazis)? Can I read the NY Times? They have lots of articles about terrorism. The list would be helpful.

  2. Not trying to dictate what the flying masses can watch/read.

    Stand by my original statement though of passengers should not be allowed to frighten or alarm others with their suspect behavior.

    Oh, and I’m all for passenger profiling/sterotyping too! : )

  3. Yeah, I kinda agree that airlines should not dictate what people can and cannot watch on a flight. But one has to use judgment. Nudity, extreme violence, not using earphones, seeing airplanes colliding with buildings. I think an airline cabin, a train, a waiting area, those are all public spaces. My rule of thumb: if a kid that walks by could see your screen, don’t look at stuff you wouldn’t want a kid to see. You’re not in your living room. Furthermore, if there are 200+ people on the plane, you can be sure that there are AT LEAST 10 people very edgy about flying in the first place (they were scared of flying even before 911) so be considerate to others. I know people who have been stuttering since childhood just because they passed in front of the TV at the exact momemt when something really scarry showed up on screen. Bottom line, it’s a public place. And use your judgment. And yes, watching “24″ might be border case. There’s a reason why movies on planes are edited for content. We accept that people who don’t turn off their cell phones at the theatre are jerks, I think we need to take the same collective thought process and come to the same conclusions.

  4. BTW: if Air Canada just gave them a warning, we wouldn’t be discussing this and the dad/kid would probably have thought nothing of it and watched something just as much inappropriate on the return trip. They probably are the same type of people who talk really loud so that everyone can hear how cool they are and all the cool places they went. Meanwhile everyone else rolls their eyes wishing they could just shut up. Sometimes kicking people off of planes makes them think and gets us to think collectively too. And I’m sure most people would agree that in public places, we need to come down to the most reasonable denominator and be considerate to the minorities. So what if you’re not allowed to have peanuts for 4 hours of your life? I’m sure that urge can wait… So what if you need to wait until you’re in the hotel to watch that horror vid, I’m sure a comedy would do. Or watch Nova or something from PBS. And if, oh oups, there’s an image from 911 you didn’t expect in that news report, look around you and act suspicious (just joking).

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