Thin Woman Removed from Plane to Make Room for Non-Thin Passenger

A thin woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Sacramento last week to make room for a much larger passenger who required two seats.  The more svelte of the two people was nearly the last to board the plane after she purchased a last minute ticket for the flight.  However, a passenger requiring two seats because of their size needed to board.  Typically, Southwest will ask passengers to be bumped voluntarily, but because the larger passenger was only 14, they didn’t want to cause embarrassment — so they just removed the other woman from the flight to make room.

For her credit, the passenger, who is a frequent flyer, didn’t make a big stink about it (or scream that she’ll never fly Southwest again, blah blah blah), and Southwest has said that they should have handled the incident better.  This is, however, the first time I’ve heard of this happening.

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