Turns Out Those Body Scanners Can (and Sometimes Do) Save Naked Pictures of You

Remember how every official swore up and down that airport body scanners cannot save naked pictures of you.  Turns out they can.

(And you can listen to me chatting with Scott Braddock at KRLD in Dallas about that here.)

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  1. Hah…and the next thing that will come out is that the radiation used by these machines IS harmful.

  2. And that they have a website where they’re posting all of these.

  3. So how long until they start leaking celebrity scans?

  4. This is a strip-search, period. It makes no difference that the technology allows it to be done on an industrial scale, it’s a violation of privacy that ultimately has, at best, no effect on safety. At worst, it exposes frequent fliers to elevated doses of x-ray radiation which may cause more deaths by cancer than the terrorists could ever kill with an airplane.

    Body-cavities are not revealed, thus making this simply an exercise in power-mongering voyeurism.

    You MUST opt-out of these intrusive searches, and maybe be wanded/patted by a same-sex guard. I Opt’ed Out a few months ago, which gave me the opportunity to officially express my displeasure – the smurf wrote down the reason for my opting-out for their official records (it’s a strip-search, I said). I suggest more people do this.

    Plus – do you want your kids showing up to Beavis & Butthead in the back room looking like this:



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