Huh? Delta to Launch Nonstop Service to Iceland

Delta Air Lines, for reasons I cannot fathom, is launching nonstop service from New York to Keflavik, Iceland, beginning next June.

For all eternity, Icelandair has served a handful of US cities with flights to Keflavik, Iceland, flying once daily or less (during recent summers, they occasionally have 2 daily flights from New York).  During the winter, they drop New York down to a few days a week.

Iceland Express has recently also begun service to Newark (and is launching Boston and Chicago) from Iceland.

How is it possible that a route that has handled roughly 1 flight a day since the birth of flight can now handle 4 flights a day?  And 40% of Icelandair’s traffic over Keflavik is connecting to Europe?  Answer:  It cannot.

If you were wondering (and you weren’t) the flight originates in Minneapolis, then continues to Iceland (I suppose because of Minneapolis’ Scandinavian heritage?), though Icelandair already offers nonstop service from Minneapolis.

Icelandair also offers reasonable summer fares (not to mention Iceland Express’ insanely low summer fares), but very reasonable business class fares.  This will help Delta to keep those yields low.  Wait, that’s a bad thing.

OK, I officially don’t get it.

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  1. Huh? Delta to Launch Nonstop Service to Iceland | Online Travel Review | Travel guide to Iceland - pingback on August 6, 2010 at 6:52 pm
  2. Travel guide iceland

    We are of course very happy about this and hope it will reduce the price of flights between Iceland and America. It has not exactly been cheap.

    Also do not forget about the size of the plain. It is has much more seats than the plains that Icelandair has been using.

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