Venezuela’s Conviasa to Suspend Flights for 2 Weeks for Safety Review

Perhaps I should have bunched together this story with the Air Zimbabwe news, but here goes:  Venezuela’s flag carrier, Conviasa, has suspended all flights until October 1st for a safety review following two incidents this week (a crash that killed 17 people and a landing issue in Caracas).  When you think about it, suspending the airline is an impressive move, especially coming from a state that is not considered to be the height of virtue.

I also can’t imagine who is going to get on one of their flights after the government shuts them down to make sure they’re running a safe airline.  But I also won’t be surprised when it opens up under another name somewhere down the road.


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  1. Maybe Pres Chavez will become chief pilot – he’ll fix things like everything else down there – going into the dumper.

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