Dear Lufthansa…

Dear Lufthansa,

We hear so much nowadays about the golden age of air travel, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for bringing me back to that earlier age on my 747 flight from Frankfurt to New York yesterday.  The lack of seatback TVs, the absence of power plugs, and having no option for more legroom really harkened back to an earlier era of travel where 8 hours on a plane was pure bliss.  Keep up the great work.


P.S.  Charging for wi-fi in the lounge was a nice touch.


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  1. Dear Jared,

    Why did you book that flight? I thought you write a travel blog and would know better.

    A reader

    PS: maybe see if Spirit wants to start that route!?

  2. 1) Only option under $3500.
    2) My boys at Spirit would at least sell me a movie. For $37.

  3. No ambien traveling west?

  4. OMG! I work for a big multinational German company and our negotiated business class fares to Germany on LH are within your budget (near the top, but still…). The public can typically find those fares 60-days out or sometimes on fare sales/consolidator web sites. I have flown LH to Europe in the back cabin for personal travel and the lack of legroom (or any room) is atrocious. If the person in front of you reclines then you are almost forced to lie back to avoid having the top of their seat in your face. Forget about using a laptop or DVD player for your entertainment, although you’re probably OK with an iPOD.

    Hate to say it, but if I’m roughing it in coach to Europe then I’d prefer a carrier like Delta that gives you a little more personal space (because seats don’t recline as much) vs. LH.

  5. The legroom/tray-table-in-my-face was also rough.

    Unfortunately, this was a bit of a last minute trip, so this was pretty much my best option. They do fly a couple of routes to the US on newer A330s, which have updated coach product.

    The more interesting point is that if airlines can charge the same fares regardless of what product they offer in coach, why do they bother upgrading at all?

  6. Gee, we must have been on the same flight. I was booked FRA-IAD in United Economy plus, but LH blew my inbound connection due to a strike in France, and I ended up on LH in a seat just like yours.

    The food was better than UA, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and actual beer, but the guy in front of my was initially annoyed and later amused when I showed him that no, he could not put his seat back because that would break my kneecaps.

  7. I flew out on United in Economy Plus, and allow me to say to all the United folks who complain about that airline that they should respectfully quiet down. The added legroom for $90 on a flight to Europe is the best deal anywhere.

    On LH, I will give the flight attendants credit for asking people to un-recline their seats during meal service so people could eat.

  8. UA E+ is awesome and one of the main reasons why this 1K usually flies UA.

    That said, the unwashed masses back in UA’s 747 E- section aren’t doing much/any better than the E folks in LH’s 747. And obviously not everyone can upgrade. But E+ is the civilized way to fly coach, especially on the 777 where E+ gives you more room than on the 747.

    Back to LH… How’d you like to fly their 747s in coach here from the west coast? What does PETA have to say about that?

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