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The Answers to Your Questions about Airline Rules

The Weekly Standard has a helpful article answering your questions about why you can’t recline your seat while (or as it says, whilst) the plane taxis; why you can’t use your cell phones while taxiing at some airports but you can at others; and why you have to keep your seatbelt on while taxiing but there are no seatbelts at all on a subway.  Worth a read…


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  1. The “ever vigilant Flight Attendant” is subject to fines if he/she doesn’t enforce all these nutty rules. Unfortunate, but true.

  2. The author of that article has obviously never tried to get out of a united airlines domestic first class seat while the seat in front was fully reclined. Or the (old, but still in use on most 777) international business class seats. Chances may be slim that I’ll ever exit over the wing into the Hudson, but if I do I don’t want climb over people and their carry-ons.

    Oh, and jets taxi at much higher speeds than 4 mph.

    What surprises me is that there are no seatbelt laws for those flimsy and often overloaded airport hotel and car rental shuttles.

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