A Hotel Aside: Comparing Jetsetter and SniqueAway for Discount Hotels

This is really a hotel thing, not an airline thing, but I thought it was worth noting that Jetsetter (a Gilt-owned “members only” short-term sale hotel discount site) and SniqueAway (a Tripadvisor-owned “members only” short-term sale hotel discount site) are offering deals on the same hotel today, The Mount Cinnamon in Grenada (use this link for a Jetsetter invite; use this link for a SniqueAway invite).

For what it’s worth:

a) I can’t imagine either company is happy about having the same deal on the same day;
b) If you’re keeping score at home, SniqueAway has better prices ($189 vs $215 for the 1-bedroom suite; $259 vs. $290 for the 2-bedroom villa)
c) These sites generally have similar-type discounts (30% and up) on interesting properties
d) I’m not yet convinced this is more than just a niche product
e) For full disclosure I interviewed with Jetsetter over a year ago and I have only the nicest things to say about that team.
f) Other short-term discount sites like RueLaLa, ideeli and Hautelook (which bought BonVoyou) are also getting into this short-term hotel discount game, along with existing products from Tablet Hotels and LuxuryLink.
g) This is the end of my list and of my hotel diversion for the week.  Carry on.

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  1. Why does it seem that one idea always sparks multiple look-alike websites? This “private hotel deals” concept seems to be hot. But I think few folks are aimlessly looking for a good (but usually not fantastic) hotel deal. I think the way it usually works is you first decide where you want to go, and THEN you look for a hotel. Hopefully, somebody will now start a compilation listing so you can quickly scan for all the “private” hotel deals in one place. :)

  2. “sites like RueLaLa, ideeli and Hautelook (which bought BonVoyou)”

    Does it make me old-fashioned that I miss the days when companies had real names?

  3. The New Way to Afford Luxury Travel | Liv For Travel - pingback on January 27, 2011 at 9:41 pm
  4. Don’t ever book a trip with Sniqueaway – a lot of fine print and not very good customer service.

  5. Gilda DiTullio

    Just returned from a trip to the Montauk Yacht Club (MYC), my first purchase through Jetsetter.com. Although Jetsetter provides indication of the pluses and minuses of the hotels they offer, they were seriously remiss in advising the guests that off-season, the hotel’s restaurant and bar are closed and no food or beverages are available (aside from coffee in the a.m. that we only found out about after our 3rd day there). This is a serious omission because no one arrives prepared. One Jetsetter reviewer commented on the drinks menu, but never shared that it wasn’t available off season. Fortunately, we got there at 3:30 on Sunday and were able to drive back into town to pick up bottled water and other staples (rooms have a mini fridge). In addition, because so few restaurants in Montauk are open off season, and those that are end up closed a number of nights during the week, we ended up dining at the same restaurant 3 of 4 evenings… certainly not an ideal set-up. Lastly, my boyfriend just wanted out and contacted Jetsetter support. We spoke with a representative who seemed very apologetic and eager to help us out. However, we never heard back from him. So, I expected a lot from Jetsetter, but my experience left much to be desired. Bottom line, Jetsetter is not for jetsetters. If you want the real deal, pay the regular price and expect the amenities. I do hold the MYC accountable as well. We received no notification of the lack of amenities (read everything) during off season. Save yourself the aggravation and go when places are open and activities are available.

  6. Im having troubles with SniqueAway site claims that there was a credit card error when I booked a reservation. Turns out not got two pending transactions for my hotel reservation. They better cancel my reservation and take the charges off or charge me once and send me, the hotel, and their company a valid hotel reservation confirmation.

  7. Thank you Gilda and Deb for your comments about your experience. I will use this story to improve my customer care at e-Booking.com.

  8. booked a hotel through jet setter. was one of the worst hotels I stayed in.
    would never use them again.

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