EasyJet Apologizes for Serving Pork on Israel Flight

EasyJet offered an apology for mistakenly serving pork on a flight from Israel to London (the CNN story notes that they served pork instead of “the standard kosher food” – pork is clearly an unstandard kosher food.    Easyjet generally offers Kosher and vegetarian sandwiches on its Tel Aviv flights, but loaded the wrong food onto the plane.  Passengers who kept kosher (and who didn’t bring food on-board which, if you keep kosher, is really your fault, even if the airline did screw up), had to go without food for, gasp, 4 hours.


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  1. why was the last sentence important for you to add?

  2. Because, if someone has specific food needs, they should make sure they bring their own food. I’m allergic to nuts. If I knew that airlines served nuts on 99% of their flights, I would bring my own food even if they promised not to serve nuts on my plane.

  3. why was the 2nd to last sentence important for you to add?

  4. I always try to bring my own kosher food on the flight. Even kosher food is served, it’s mostly not up to my standarts anyway.

  5. Jared is 100% right on this – if you keep kosher (as I do), you bring your own food. No matter what.

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised that the airline apologized for this. It was a mix-up, not a policy change or a deliberate provocation. Though that’s probably why they apologized – to ensure people understood it wasn’t a deliberate provocation.

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