…Yet Not Everyone Complains about Airline Food

After writing about Continental eliminating free food from Hawaiian flights, and dropping pretzels from all domestic flights, I thought I’d at least pass along that not everyone is unhappy about the current airline food situation.

On our flight on American to San Jose, Costa Rica, last week one of my 4 year olds discovered that they were serving pasta (ie, “you want the pasta or the beef”) for lunch on the plane.  She could not believe her luck – they were serving her favorite food during the flight.  As I sorta pushed by pasta/chicken combination around on my tray, she went to town on it.  She was sort of bouncing up and down in her seat as she ate, in awe of what an amazing opportunity she had to eat all the pasta she wanted while washing it down with warm orange juice.  And she could eat the brownie if she wanted.  Which she did.

Yes yes yes, we’re all jaded.  But before we were all jaded, we were kids sitting on a plane with a giant pile of pasta, a brownie and some juice, just happy to be going somewhere.  It was nice to be reminded of that…

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  1. Yeah, in our domestic flights we do get normal food, so it happens when we travel from on city to another in Europe. For a 2 hour flight we had sandwiches or something similar, sometimes cooked food.

    When we traveled in the USA, we got a small 20 grams pack of pretzels. I think we had 5 of them in the pack :D

    Do these guys try to keep you on a diet? Or are they so cheap? Can’t really understand this. When I fly through Europe I get fed even on a smaller trip, in the USA we got almost nothing.

  2. The best food I’ve ever had on a flight was Air New Zealand! Especially the wine. This was in coach service. Check out this cool new luxury travel site I came across: Chuck Taylor
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