Pilot in India Loses License After It Turns Out License Was Fake

A pilot for India’s Indigo Airlines (yes, they’re a legitimate airline) has lost her license after it was discovered she forged some of the documents necessary to get a pilot’s license.  Interestingly, she wasn’t caught until she repeatedly landed her plane by touching down the nose of the plane first, something that, as you can probably imagine (even as a not-fake-pilot) is not how the plane was designed.  After breaking a nose wheel, an investigation discovered that she had not only landed that way several times, but that her license documentation was forged.

And here’s something that won’t make you feel better:  apparently there are touts in Delhi who will help “speed up” the process of getting a pilot’s license in India.  India’s aviation industry is growing faster than the infrastructure (both airport and oversight) can handle.  Luckily, we haven’t had a disaster because of it, but it may only be a matter of time (and I’m not an alarmist…)


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