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JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic (Finally) Announce Interline Agreement

JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic announced an interline agreement today between a handful of cities, allowing travelers to fly between, say, Buffalo and London on a single ticket without having to re-check baggage with the second airline.  Interline cities include London Heathrow & Boston, JFK and Washington; and Orlando & Glasgow, London-Gatwick, and Manchester.

JetBlue has announced interline agreements with LAN, South African, American, and Aer Lingus and others.  Virgin Atlantic makes so much sense because, unlike the others, their brand aesthetic is pretty similar (JetBlue was originally going to be launched as a Virgin Atlantic affiliate – a la Virgin America, so the Virgin brand is in their DNA).

In the incestuous world of airlines, the other only slightly odd thing worth noting is that Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America have some shared ownership (Virgin Group owns 25% or Virgin America), and Virgin America is a major competitor with JetBlue.  Hence, the Virgin group is both a competitor and a partner.  Coopetition at its finest.


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