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TSA to Test Program Where Pilots Do Not Need to Pass through Security in Airports

Pilots have been pretty vocal about their displeasure with having to pass through security screening at airports, arguing that they have already had extensive background checks before becoming pilots, making the airport screening unnecessary (you could also argue that regardless of what they bring on the plane they’re at the controls anyway, so what are the even screening for…)

In any case, the TSA has listened and will be rolling out a program (a pilot program, if you will) at 7 airports where pilots can show IDs at a checkpoint and pass through without having to strip down.  The TSA hopes to roll this program out in the test airports later this year for a period of 3-months, after which they will (if all goes well) roll it out more broadly.  Phase two of the program could include allowing flight attendants to pass through a similar security screen.


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