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A Review of, Making Priceline Bidding Easier

Fans of Priceline have likely used or to research their bids prior to trying to see if they can score a 4-star hotel in Chicago for $78.  (If you haven’t used them, they’re essentially forums – fora? – where people post the bids they’ve made and whether they’ve won.  How do they differ?  Biddingfortravel is run by a person with a personality that may be considered by some to be, um, grating.  Betterbidding is run by someone who went to my alma mater.)

In any case, you have to do a pretty good amount of scrolling through various message boards to figure out how much you should be bidding for a given city.  The information is there, but it’s sort of kickin’ it 1997 style (if I may speak like I did when I was 20).

Now, there’s a better way: has created a far more user-friendly experience while still showing you the best price to bid (including bidding strategies) for a given hotel.

Simply enter the city you want to visit and the dates.  You then view hotels available in that city divided up by Priceline zone & number of stars, recent winning bids, retail prices, and hotel photos & details.

Once you know the hotels available in your zone, you can choose to have help you bid by entering the most you’re willing to pay for a room in each part of the city, as well as the # of stars that you’d like.  The site then connects you to Priceline and walks you through how to bid using a bidding strategy they’ve put together.

Or, if Priceline confuses you, they have an auto-bid tool (it only works in Internet Explorer) that will do all of the bidding for you once you set a ceiling for your bid.

Is it revolutionary?  No.  Is it a really nice improvement over BiddingforTravel?  Absolutely.  Plus, for non-expert Priceline users, the autobid feature is quite useful.

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  1. Autobid didn’t work for me. waited over 30 minutes for plug-in to load through my high speed internet. However, the info on what bids won/lost was priceless. Got a four star for a two star price…

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