Qatar Airways 2-for-1 Sale Launches; Turns Out It IS Actually 2-for1

Qatar Airways launched its 2-day 2-for-1 sale today, and while the fares aren’t exactly cheap, they’re a pretty good deal.  Tickets must be booked by the end of the day on Thursday, April 14th for travel May 1 through June 14th.  You can’t fly from Houston or JFK to Doha, but you can fly through Doha to connect to other cities.  Tickets to Dubai from New York come out to about $1,000 a piece (vs $1600 for 1, which is not 2 for 1 exactly because you are charged pretty hefty taxes — the 2-for-1 part is just on the base fare), while flight to Delhi are just under $900 each (vs $1200-$1300 on other airlines).  Again, hardly inexpensive, but a better deal than usual.


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