My Favorite Press Release of the Day: Airline Tickets for Just $10,000!

Cathay Pacific has put out what is definitely my favorite press release of the day. The headline on the announcement reads: Cathay Pacific Offers First Class Service from Chicago to Hong Kong Starting at Just US$10,241 – Roundtrip!

I love the exclamation point.

Certainly, it is less expensive than the Chicago – Hong Kong United flight, which offers first class fares for $13,000 (oddly, US Airways is selling seats on the United flight for $23,000). But I’m pretty sure nobody is going around bragging about how cheap that is. 20% off of that is still ridiculous (consider that a 2008 Hyundai will cost you about the same amount as the use of an airplane seat for 30 hours).

For those without $10,000 to spend on one flight (but who do have $6,300 to spend on one flight), they’re also offering a business class deal for that price).

In case you were wondering why you bother with frequent flyer miles, this is why.


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