Delta Announces Route Cuts to Europe…Goodbye, Berlin, Stockholm, Manchester and More

(Via the always useful blog)

Delta will be eliminating a handful of routes to Europe beginning in early September through at least the following March (though I’d be surprised to see many of these return). The airline has already announced the end of JFK to Kiev, Amman, Cairo, Malaga and Valencia. Add to that JFK to Berlin, Stockholm, Manchester and Copenhagen, as well as Atlanta-Moscow. Memphis-Amsterdam (which I can’t believe they still run), goes from daily to 4x weekly.

As discussed repeatedly here, when fuel becomes expensive, trans-Atlantic routes to secondary cities become increasingly difficult to keep profitable. At this point, I can think of only a handful (Continental to Belfast?) that still exist. Delta really gave it the ol’ college try, but without ongoing premium cabin traffic, it can’t work with fuel this expensive.


  1. I am sure the Berliners are thrilled to know their city is a secondary one ;)

    Kind of strange that Delta can’t make that route work given that their only non-stop competitors are a daily CO 757 to Newark and an Air Berlin flight four days a week. Then again, even LH is ignoring that route…

  2. Christ – that’s a shame. You would think that it would be possible with reduced frequencies, rather than cutting them altogether.

  3. I’m also surprised to see the Berlin route go away.

    I flew DL JFK-Stockholm in early April (there was a crazy short term fare sale) and I was surprised at how busy the route seemed. Lots of Swedes headed to the USA, many (most?) on business. Not tons of competition on this route. It sure looked like the route “worked” — and this, of course, was still off-season for any tourism purposes. Either appearances are deceiving, or DL is cutting to the bone.

  4. Stockholm’s tourist season is summer, but the business travel season is winter. SAS has flights and lots of internal (and regional) feed to make that work.

  5. So Delta’s international focus (Africa, lots of Europe) was a bust? What’s their game plan now for growth?

  6. The Memphis to Amsterdam flight has run for over 15 years. FedEx uses it as a connection from their global HQ in Memphis to their major hub in AMS. It will go back to daily service in April 2012.

  7. that was my favorite plane to go to amman

  8. I been on the flight from JFK to Berlin about 6 times. Every time the flight has been 100% full. I think they are stopping this flight since Berlin is building a new airport that is opening next year. The current airport will be closed down.