Spirit Airlines Announces $5 Fee to Have Agent Print Your Boarding Pass

Spirit Airlines announced they will begin charging $5 if you have an agent print your boarding pass at the airport beginning November 1st. The airline says it will lower all fares by $5, suggesting that those who print their boarding passes at home will actually save $5.

And because Spirit is Spirit, the headline on the press release is “Spirit Gives Consumers What They Want: Airline Lowers Fares on All Non-Stop Flights and Offers Savings for Checking In Online,” which is another way of saying they’re charging you if you don’t print your boarding pass at home. True, they will be lowering base fares, but I’m not sure how much that actually matters as Spirit has so many sales and coupons available every week.

Beginning June 26, 2012, (yes, that’s next year), they will charge you $1 to print your boarding pass at the airport.

Before you start whining about this, keep in mind that Ryanair charges 40 Pounds, or about $65, to print your boarding pass at the airport, as British singer Lily Allen recently found out.

Oh, and don’t bother whining about how you won’t fly them again: they made 12 cents a share last quarter, as people continue to swear they won’t fly them, and then do.


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  1. And Ryanair was found guilty (in Spain) of breaking international laws for charging for BP printing.


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