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Woman Sues JetBlue After Being Kicked Off Plane for Not Wearing Underwear (Except She Was Wearing Underwear)…No That Doesn’t Make Sense

A woman is suing JetBlue because she was removed from a July 2010 flight for supposedly not wearing any underwear. Except she was wearing underwear. And that’s the odd part of this whole thing.

Malinda Knowles claims that a supervisor approached her after she sat down on the flight from LaGuardia to Ft. Lauderdale and placed a walkie-talkie between her legs, then asked to see if she was wearing underwear (perhaps thinking that she was just wearing a shirt and no shorts). Knowles said she was humiliated by this, adding “It was vulgar. It was macho.” Macho indeed.

The “former fashion model” says she was then taken to a hanger where she was asked to show her shorts, then returned to the plane. She was then told that the pilot would not fly with her on board. (Note: I work for a clothing company and, not that this has any bearing on this story, I wanted to note that I cannot imagine what kind of fashion this woman modeled based on the pictures in the article.) I don’t know why the pilot would not let her fly, as JetBlue did not respond to the allegations.

Knowles said, “”It was really crazy,” she said. “I’ve never had a corporate employee ask me about my underwear.” Apparently she has had non-corporate employees ask her repeatedly. Perhaps they were from a distant sales office. Or temp workers. But no corporate employee has ever asked that.

Knowles summed up the incident thusly: “”I really feel like the guy just wanted to demean me in some way,” she said. “Maybe he thought I was cute.” Yes, perhaps this was all a way for the guy to get a date with her.

I would say there is approximately a 0% chance (or, as we used to say in math class, a limit as x approaches 0 chance) that this is how this whole thing went down. But amusing nonetheless.


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