United Airlines Employee Shot (Accidentally, Don’t Worry)

A United Airlines ticket agent was mistakenly shot at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong airport after a passenger’s gun discharged when he was checking in for a flight.

In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t know), guns are actually allowed in your checked luggage provided they are not loaded. Now, as a New Yorker who does not go hunting, that sounds slightly insane to me, as you actually are allowed to bring a gun into an airport provided you do not bring it through security. Yes, that sounds completely ass-backwards. You can’t bring water through security, but you can bring a gun up until the security checkpoint. Nutty.

That all aside, the gun was loaded and as the gentleman went to check his gun (which he legally brought into the airport, even though, as I just mentioned, you cannot bring water through a security checkpoint, and which I only mention here twice because it is important, no matter how you feel about guns, to stress the seeming incomprehensibility of those two regulations) it fired, grazing the ticket agent’s leg.

The ticket agent only had a minor wound and was brought to a local hospital for treatment. The passenger who brought an accidentally loaded gun into the airport received a misdemeanor summons for negligent injury, roughly the same punishment he would have gotten for bringing 4.7 ounces of shampoo through security.


  1. Insane.

  2. INSANE is not a strong enough word for this. But yeah, insane.

  3. :?: you contradict yourself. i’m no gun fan
    but it is legal to bring a gun to ticket counter, which isn’t going thru security to check gun as a bag for a flight!!! perfectly legal & sane. That passenger had brain FART & left ammo in their gun