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The Citi AA Churn Is Not Dead, It’s Just Resting…

The days of constantly churning 75,000 bonuses on Citi American Airlines credit cards are over. But that doesn’t mean it’s COMPLETELY dead…I’ve had more than my share of those cards, but after an 18 month break I just reapplied for the Citi AA Amex (apply here) and the Citi AA Visa (apply here), and I was approved for both with a 75,000 mile bonus for $1,500 in spend in 6 months for the Visa and $4,000 in spend in 6 months for the Amex. Fee is waived first year on both.

The landing page does not say that you’ll be getting 75,000 bonus miles, but every person who has applied has verified that it’s true. After applying, you can call 886-449-2484 for the Amex card and
888-766-2484 for the Visa card and speak to an agent to verify that you’ll be getting the bonus. (hat tip to Million Mile Secrets). Or, simply apply over the phone with a live agent at 800-408-4954 (hat tip to The Points Guy).

Most people apply for both at the same time using 2 different browsers. In other words, fill out the Visa application in Firefox and the Amex application in Internet Explorer and hit submit at the same time. Some people have said that if you apply from the same browser you’ll be denied on the second application. I don’t remember this to be true years ago, but no harm in using 2 different browsers to submit the applications.

Obviously for first-time applicants, it’s a great deal. But I’ve felt shut out of the AA churn for a while now. Nice to know it’s an option again.

So, the churn isn’t dead, you just have to wait longer than you used to (roughly 18 months from your last application).

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  1. I don’t see 75k miles anywhere on the Visa application.

    • I edited to the post to make it a bit clearer — the application page doesn’t say 75k mile bonus, but everyone who uses it gets the bonus. In the post I added phone numbers to call to verify. Or, if you prefer, you can apply with a real person over the phone so you can ask them before you apply whether the bonus is 75k. It is.

  2. Jared-
    Long time AA Personal Visa holder (5yrs+). Do I have to cancel that card to take advantage of this offer?

    • People are reporting that as long as you applied 18+ months ago for the card, you should be able to get the bonus after you cancel. YMMV on that, though.

  3. The “live agent” # 800-408-4954 has a recording that says the offer is not available.

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