[NOW CLOSED] Enter The First OnlineTravelReview.com Contest: Win a $200 Continental Airlines Gift Card


Welcome to the first-ever contest at OnlineTravelReview.com, and I thought I’d make it a pretty good one. Here’s the deal:

I’m going to give away a $200 gift card on Continental Airlines (my airline of choice, at least my airline of choice that is not Emirates or Singapore. Or LAN. Or Etihad. You know what I mean.) I’ll make this easy: just enter a comment below (include your email address, please) with your favorite airline livery. I don’t know why I’m asking you to do that, I just am. Also please include the most obscure airport you’ve ever flown to. Mine is this fruity number from Aloha Air. And Battambang, Cambodia. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. It’s my contest, I can do what I want. Now that I think of it, if you live in Battambang it’s not obscure at all. You know what I mean, though.

You can enter until Wednesday, August 10th at 5pm Eastern. Soon after that, I will use a random number generator from Random.org to pick the winner from the comments. I will then contact the winner, stick said gift card in an envelope, place a stamp thereon, mail it to you, and we shall never speak again. Use your gift card to purchase a flight, or re-gift the thing. Totally your call. One entry per person, please. I’m the final arbiter of the rules, so there ya go.

I’m guessing this will bring some new visitors to Online Travel Review (or as we affectionately call it around here, The OTR). So, here’s what you’ve been missing. We’ve been here for 7 1/2 years, writing about the airline industry – sometimes it’s about camels being sacrificed to celebrate airline maintenance, sometimes it’s about a fart causing a flight diversion. I also write about frequent flyer tricks, 747s and Icelandair.

I’ve also written a few things I’m actually sort of proud of, including 10 Rules for Booking Frequent Flyer Tickets, traveling with 3 year olds, why the good old days of flying weren’t so good, and why people hate airlines (but shouldn’t).

I think people don’t appreciate how amazing it is that we can fly around the world for free, and I also think people have a weird fetish about first class. And for some reason Forbes published a column of mine about the joy of eating breakfast alone on a business trip.

In any case, welcome. Feel free to grab my RSS feed.

Good luck with the contest.

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  1. Loved Herman the Duck on North Central Airlines…. Most obscure airport is probably Mokokai.

  2. Bangkok airways

    Airport – Ofu American Samoa (google it)

  3. My fav is Continental & American. And the most obscure airport is this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuticorin_Airport
    It looks more like a bus-stop :)

  4. Even though I rarely fly them, I love the look of Frontier Airlines.
    As for airport, I’ve never seen a small airport so busy at 3 am in the morning as Brazil’s Maceio International Airport:

  5. Favorite is Continental Airlines (not the new United)

    Muscat, Oman MCT

  6. Piedmont’s livery still has a special place in my heart since it was the first airline I ever flew.
    And I guess the most out of the way airport was their old home in Winston-Salem, INT, which no longer has commercial service. Our takeoff was delayed due to an airshow.

  7. Airport = T92 – When I flew in there literally was a guy playing fetch with his dog on the runway which I almost ran over.

    Plane – Southwest Shamu


  8. Favorite airlines would be United and American due to having miles there.

    Most obscure airport would be Pisa, Italy.

  9. Hi, I’m new here thanks to Million Mile Secrets.
    Looks like a great site!
    Favorite airline… United.
    Most obscure… I haven’t flown much so the stopover in Phoenix because we had to walk outside to the plane and I thought that was pretty cool.

  10. Favorite livery would be VASP for sentimental reasons (the baby blue lettering and the logo) or the 10th anniversary GOL edition. Go orange!! :cool:

    Obscure for me would be Ribeirao Preto (RAO).

  11. Livery: Air Force One
    Airport: http://www.bradfordairport.net/

  12. I enjoy your blog. Been reading it for a while now

  13. My favorite is Hawaiian Airlines. Most obscure is the airport at Bujumbura in Burundi. Landed there on a layover once!

  14. Fav livery would be CX

  15. Favorite airline is virgin Atlantic Obscure airport for me is Kapalua. I am happy I found your blog and look forward to reading it.

  16. My favorite airline is Air New Zealand.
    Rarotanga, Cook Islands

  17. SevereWanderlust

    My favorite airline livery is Horizon’s UW CRJ-700 because that’s where I went for undergrad. http://www.flickr.com/photos/david_atkinson/4035670748/in/set-72157622516880609

    Most obscure airport is probably URC, the Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport

  18. Favorite livery — JAL

    Most obscure airport I’ve been to is Almaty International Airport

  19. My favorite airline is Singapore airlines. Maybe Ellington Field was the most obscure – you used to be able to connect to there instead of IAH on CO and not have to pay for parking!

  20. My favorite is Delta – Mainly because of ease of flights from hometown.
    most obsure – cozumel mx

  21. My favorite livery is the Saul Bass United Airlines paint job where the orange stripe went through the windows (1990-ish).

    The most obscure airport I’ve flown to (and flew to myself & was my solo flight) was Flagler Airport in Florida (XFL).

    Nice giveaway!

  22. Always thought Korean Air looked cool.

    CRW. Home for me, but “obscure” enough that bags have ended up in larger Charleston, SC on more than one occasion.

  23. Favorite Livery from the past: Capitol Air’s DC 10

    Favorite current: Lufthansa

    Most Obscure Airport: YYR Goose Bay Labrador (flew there as crew on Capitol)

  24. Favorite livery is the beautiful Austrian Airlines A340 Vienna Philharmonic.
    Obscure airport: BIN in Afghanistan was a regular stop for me (maybe not so obscure anymore)
    Keep up the good work Jared!

  25. I miss PSA’s smile & AirCal’s big orange sun. And the yellow banana that was Hughes Air Worst — I mean Air West. As for airports, I once flew on a 6-passenger plane from Nandi to Malolo Lailai Island in Fiji where the “airport” was a grassy area cleared from the rain forest.

  26. 1. The Air Canada retro-jet livery http://bit.ly/nkvg0g There’s some family history there but I objectively think it looks awesome on a modern Airbus. 2. HVN (does it even have commercial service anymore?)

  27. I also meant to add should I luck out here…
    1. The Air Canada retro-jet livery http://bit.ly/nkvg0g There’s some family history there but I objectively think it looks awesome on a modern Airbus. 2. HVN (does it even have commercial service anymore?)

  28. Er, maybe folks don’t understand what ‘livery’ means? Anyhow, my favorite is Air Tahiti Nui.

    While not quite as small as Molokai, I’ve been to Djibouti, a former French protectorate on the Gulf of Suez. Cinder block building wich a concrete floor for the passenger lounge — bring your own mat !!

  29. Hello~ Found your site through million mile secrets! My favorite livery is Cathay Pacific and the most obscure airport would be FOC in China!

  30. my fav is, or was, PSA! hmmm. most obscure airport i’ve flown to/from: lake tahoe. not really obscure but not a lot of commercial flights either.

  31. Best livery: Qantas

    Most obscure aiport: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

  32. Favorite livery: TWA
    Obscure airport: A tiny airport in Cerrjon Colombia. Even wikipedia can’t seem to find it.

  33. As a young FF, I miss seeing the NW birds at DTW/MSP. The most obscure airport I have yet is BHB.

  34. Favorite livery is Qantas
    Most obscure but mostly for great scenery is Aspen.

  35. My favorite airline livery is the Southwest airlines “shamus”, because it’s the one I remember first!

    My most obscure airport is in Corozal Town, Belize, airport code CZH, where I flew to San Pedro for some scuba diving.

  36. NWA was my fave. Sittin upstairs on 747 to Japan often. Most “obscure” probably Cebu Phillipines. (CEB?) BTW, are non-voting members of 525 eligible?

  37. I’m a sucker for the ANA Pokemon livery. My daughter was a big fan when she was younger and I still think the planes are cool.

    As for the most obscure airport…how ’bout Chang Rai in Thailand? Or Lebanon, NH US?

  38. I really like the new Korean air A380s for a livery.

    As for the most obscure airport I’ll go with Zacatecas Mexico.

  39. Favorite livery: Pan Am
    Most obscure airport I ever flew into was Cocos Island, Australia (in the Indian Ocean.)

  40. Jennifer Church

    Favorite livery: TWA
    Most obscure airport is probably Hannibal/Quincy, Missouri

  41. favorite livery: Continental
    Most obscure – Aspen

  42. favorite – Continental
    most obscure – Hays, KS

  43. Fav airline- Qantas

    Obscure Airport: Del Rio TX its about 1 inch square :)

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