Yes, If You Got an American Express Gold Premier Rewards After August 1st, Code 6661 Will Get You 75,000 Miles (UPDATED 8/21)

A quick follow up to my note last weekend about the current situation with the Amex Gold Premier Rewards card:

There were questions about if/when/how to apply code 6661 to get 75,000 bonus Membership Rewards miles (instead of the 15k bonus miles you see in the link below). I just called and had the code added to my card, no questions asked. Just spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months. Easy peasy. I had previously secure messaged Amex and was told I did not qualify, which is why I suggest calling (since I did qualify). You can also add promo code 6664, which will get you 10,000 bonus miles through November (or October – I’ve had agents tell me both) when you use the card 15 times in a month. Again, I suggest just calling and asking them.

Now that I’m 100% sure the bonus miles work, if you have available room on your credit score to play around with credit cards, this is a great deal — 75,000 bonus Membership Rewards points, plus 3x points on Airfare and 2x on Gas and Groceries. Yes, it’s $175 but the first year is waived. Apply here.

UPDATE ON 8/21: For my wife’s card I decided to use the Secure Message center to request the 6661 code. I just wrote this note:

I have recently received the Amex Gold Premier Rewards Card and I was told I was eligible to add Promo Code 6661 to the account so I would receive 75,000 Membership Rewards points after $1,000 in purchases after 3 months. Could you please add this code to my account? Thank you!

I received a note back less than 24 hours later approving the Promo Code. They did note, though, that I would have to contact them 6 weeks after the $1,000 was posted to have them MANUALLY add the points. So, do not hesitate to contact Amex after you’ve hit your spend to make sure the miles post.

Also, there have been conflicting reports about being able to use 6661 and 6664 together (6664 is the 10k bonus miles per month with 15 transactions per month). People are now being turned down to use both codes, even though there were reports of people being able to use both. Here’s what I think happens with Amex: people who are not eligible for promo codes seem to be able to use them for a few days, but then they are cut off. I believe this same thing happened here, with some people being able to get both 6661 and 6664, until they cut that off. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth: take code 6661 and the 75,000 points and be happy.

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  1. Jared,

    If you don’t mind sharing what’s your approach to talking with the CSR? I’ve tried twice to no avail.

  2. I didn’t really do anything: I called and asked if they could apply a promo code to my account. They said “which code?” I said, “6661, please.” They looked up my account and he seemed to be looking at the date I applied because he said you applied August 12th, so you qualify. That was it. When did you apply?

  3. I was able to add the bonus id 6664 to my basic gold card too. :)

  4. I was able to get 6661 added! awesome! thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I applied on Aug 12th, had the CSR successfully add 6661 to my account however she denied me for 6664 saying that I was only allowed one better offer and had to choose between either 75,000 to meet min spend or 50,000 for 15 transactions. Anyone with the same problem?

  6. Hi Stephen, the exact same thing happened to me. I’m going to call back again and ask a different rep to add 6664 to my account too. Hopefully it will work…

  7. Called today and the rep added 6661 to my account, will try with the other code later. She said it’s just noted and would be added manually when I meet the requirements. If I don’t get the miles I should call in 6-8 weeks (I’m assuming after I meet the minimum spend.)

  8. Stephen/Jenny – same issue. one rep apparently noted on mu account that i can only get one offer. :sad:

    Anyone have any suggestions for turning this around?

  9. Does anyone know what the “eligibility” requirement is for 6661?

    • It seems to be if you applied after 8/1 you can get the code added. However, as Rajnish notes below, if you get the right agent, they’ll add it even if you had applied prior to then.

  10. Received my Amex PR card back in June, but upon calling they added 6661 to my account. As i already had spent $500, they gave me 75000 over the phone. Moment i hung up and checked my account, 75000 points were there. Initially i signed up for the card under 50,000 bonus points promotion, so basically i got 25,000 extra points. :)

  11. i copy & pasted your wording above and it worked like magic. i called once and was shut down. this was much easier. now i am going to shoot for the business card. thank you so much for posting the wording. 8/26/2011-8:55pm

  12. I emailed to ask for this and they told me I was not eligible. I called to see why I wasn’t eligible and he told me that the offer was starting Sept 1st and I signed up Aug 17th. I’m not sure if that was true since these posts are from August. Any advice?

    • Hi – not sure if you asked for 6661 or 6939, but I just received this comment from another thread that I thought might help you:

      I called 4 times and had no luck. I tried 6661 twice and 6939 twice. All 4 reps told me it was targeted and I’m not eligible because I’m not a new amex customer. I’ve had the green card just over a year. Applied for Gold PR card link when I saw this post in late August. Card arrived 3 days ago, thats when I started calling. Then, I secure msg’d as suggested in the other post. Got a reply saying only for targeted customers! So last night I called regular customer service instead of the member rewards dept and they were able to help! The rep told me that a lot of reps in rewards dept may not know how to do this, but its called “BETTER PROMOTIONAL OFFER FULFILLMENT” so if you were having no luck like I was, just call, ask for this, they will apply it and notate the account. And she told me once I spend $1000 within 3 months to call back and they will apply the points!!

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