Passenger Sues Continental Airlines for Cashless Cabin

This is ridiculous: A New Jersey passenger is suing Continental Airlines because of the carrier’s cashless cabin policy. Michael Rosen was on Continental’s Newark-Honolulu flight and discovered his headphones didn’t work. The airline charges $3 for new headphones, but only accepts credit cards. rosen had checked his credit cards in his luggage (seriously? are you kidding me?) and had to sit in silence during the 11 hour trip.

He’s suing the airline for discriminating against people without credit cards.

The case is ridiculous, but flight attendants probably could’ve thrown the guy a bone and given him the $3 headphones, no?


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  1. I really hope CO gets a reasonable judge who throws this lawsuit out and fines this knucklehead for being, well, a knucklehead.

  2. You’ll be happy to know that the case was thrown out yesterday:

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