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Pittsburgh Airport Tests Security Lane for Passengers with One Carry On

Pittsburgh’s Airport is testing an interesting idea called Express Security Lane reserved for passengers who only have one carry on bag. I imagine initially they’ll run into some issues about what constitutes 1 carry on bag (purse? diaper bag? laptop bag? sweatshirt?), but this is a smart idea that I’m now shocked no airport has yet introduced.

If successful, look for a rollout at other locations.


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  1. If this were for a small carry-on, as opposed to a rollerboard, I guess this would make some sense. On the other hand, the majority of the folks bringing only a small carry-on have probably checked most of their luggage — which probably means they’re inexperienced, which probably means they’ll be slower at the machine anyway. :grin:

    I’d also note that the PIT airport is a bit utilized these days, so there’s probably not an annoyingly long security line anyway.

  2. that’s “under-utilized”!

  3. So you think that, in fact, experienced travelers fly with a rollaboard and a laptop so they’ll actually be in the other line which would make that non-express line the real express line?

    On another note, I was in Indianapolis yesterday – best airport in the country?

    • Million Mile Secrets

      The new Indy airport is great! I remember the old airport, which was pretty barebones.

      My vote for best airport in the US would be DTW.

      • I was thinking about that after I wrote about IND. DTW is amazing. But it’s huge, and as cool as that monorail is, you’ve got a long trip from one end of the terminal to the other. IND is easily walkable, which I thought gives it the slight edge. It takes nothing away from DTW, which is an amazing airport (certainly compared to the hunking sack of crap that I used to fly to when I lived there).

  4. PIT airport security generally manageable. Peak times (e.g., Monday morning) can get bad just the same as everywhere else.

    Thus, this line only really needed at peak times and at peak times will be surprised to see the TSA people actually turning away people that have more than the bag requirement. This happens with the status/first class line — just becomes another “general” line at peak times.

  5. I flew out of PIT on Thursday and was annoyed to find that this new single-item line came at the expense of the second x-ray line typically allocated to the elite/frequent traveler line. On Thursday there were 20+ people waiting in the elite line with no wait in the single-bag line, and no effort to route traffic to the empty x-ray. Attempts to self-route were met with TSA wrath.

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