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Roundtrip Fares to Dublin and Shannon from New York and Boston: $380

We haven’t seen any non-mistake, non-fuel dump cheap airfares to Europe in quite some time, so I thought it was noteworthy that you can hop a Continental Airlines flight from New York to Dublin and Shannon, Ireland, for $380 round trip (Shannon may be a couple of dollars less). Fares are available from Boston on Lufthansa (through Frankfurt) as well. Dates are available in November and February.

(thanks, Flyertalk)

Frontier Airlines’ 1-Day Sale with $8 Fares

Frontier Airlines is pulling a Spirit and offering $8 fares between select markets for today (October 31st) for travel through December 15th.

$8 fares are available between Denver and Omaha, Kansas City, and Houston; and between Omaha and Milwaukee. Fares are good one-way and require a 7-day advance purchase. Blackout dates are November 26th and 27th.

Reminder: Online Travel Review is Available on Twitter

Just a friendly reminder that Online Travel Review is on Twitter at @cheapestairfare. Join the 3000+ folks following the OTR at Twitter for daily updates, and the usual crap people post on Twitter.

Best Credit Card Bonuses with No Minimum Spend Required

We’ve all seen the crazy number of great credit card signup bonuses this year, but lots of people struggle with meeting the minimum spend on some of the cards. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d put together a chart of the best credit card bonuses that don’t require any minimum spend.

As always, place any corrections or additions in the comments and I’ll update the chart.

(If you missed my earlier chart of airlines that charge fuel surcharges on award tickets, you can view it here).

[table id=2 /]

Get 3X Membership Rewards Points When You Book Weekend Stay with Hilton

Use your American Express card to book a 2-night (minimum) weekend stay with Hilton, and you’ll earn 3x Membership Rewards points for the stay (instead of 2X). You must book the stay through Amex travel (here), and have the trip booked by November 13th for travel through March 31, 2012.

Qantas Shuts Down Operations in a Labor Dispute

Earlier this morning Qantas shut down its entire operation (excluding Jetstar) because of a labor dispute with its unions. The airline is saying it’s a safety measure, as they have scheduled a lockout of employees beginning Monday morning and they are trying to prevent any sabotage by employees.

There’s a meeting with an arbitrator scheduled for later today, which may allow them to re-start operations. This Milepoint thread has pretty up-to-date info.

Airline Dork Conversation of the Week

I head over to my boss’ office for a meeting and encounter K, his assistant. I have this conversation:

K: Hey Jared. Sorry – the meeting is delayed about an hour.

Me: Delayed an hour? Is there an earlier flight I can standby on?

K: [silence]

K: [awkward silence]

K: [confused silence]

Me: I’ll just come back in an hour.

How to Earn 5% Cash Back Every Time You Buy Gas

We’ve all been pretty lucky with the ability to earn more points when we make travel-related purchases on credit cards recently: with Chase Sapphire Preferred card offering 2x points on all travel-related expenses (their 40,000 point signup bonus – transferable to a bunch of airlines – is still available), and the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card offering 3x points on airfare.

But many people spend more on gas than they do on any other travel expenses, and they won’t benefit from those offers. They will benefit, however, from the PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Visa. You’ll earn 5% cash back (yes, 5%) on all gas purchases. Plus, there’s no annual fee. And plus again, it’s not a Chase card so you don’t have to worry about applying for yet another Chase credit card.

Is it a huge amount of money? Probably not (though it adds up), but it’s the best return (points or cash) that I’m aware of for gas purchases.

Double Elite Qualifying Miles on American for A Few Routes

American Airlines is offering double elite qualifying miles and double flight miles when you fly between Dallas and SFO or LAX; or between Chicago and SFO or LAX. Unfortunately, you also must be a resident of Illinois, Texas or California (well, if you live in one of those places it’s not unfortunate). The offer is good on flights between now and March 31, 2012.

Register here.

Should I Get 30% Bonus Miles or 50% Bonus Miles…Hmmmm…

This is a tough one. Which of these two offers should I take advantage of?

The email I received for 30% bonus miles when I buy Continental miles?

Or the email I received for 50% bonus miles when I buy United miles?


If you guessed “Neither” you’d be correct. At $376 for 10,000 miles (or 13,000 miles or 15,000 miles), it’s still a bad deal.