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A Quick Trip to Boston…

Oh, the readers seem to like to hear the personal stories, so a quick note about my flight up to Boston today.

I’ve got 61,000 EQM this year with Continental and, for the first time in my life, not that you care, I am in striking distance of Platinum. I would normally never fly New York – Boston because the Acela is so beyond fantastic. Until 2 years ago I could take the Acela AND get the EQM with Continental, making it a win-win for me. Now it is a just 1 win.

Given I have 3 months to make up the 14,000 miles, I opted for the similarly priced Newark-Boston flight on a Continental 737-500. 42 minutes, easy peasy. What else can you really say other than to thank the woman next to me who spent those 42 minutes loudly clearing her throat and ripping articles from her Star Ledger. Delightful all around.

I have flights booked on CO to Florida, and a planned trip to Amsterdam in J, which should just about get me there. If Amsterdam falls through, I will torture my family and fly off somewhere for those last 10,000 miles. Perhaps I should mention that to my wife before writing it here.


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  1. Don’t you mean you have 3 months to fly 39,000 miles? Easy, peasy. :grin:

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