2% Cash Back: Capital One Spark Cash Business Credit Card Review

I know that we mostly write about credit cards with mileage (or point) bonuses, but for many people a cash back card is equally-to-more important. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a quick review of the Capital One Spark Cash Business card. (This card used to be called the Business Platinum No Hassle Cash card).

The headline here is that this Visa card offers 2% cash back on all purchases – that’s right, not one category, on all purchases. Considering most cash back cards offer 1%, this is a great deal. The card has a $59 annual fee, but it’s waived the first year. Other highlights:

- $100 bonus when you spend $1000 in the first 3 months.
- $50 bonus when you give an employee a card.
- No limit to the cash back.
- No foreign exchange fees.

This card is probably best compared to the Fidelity Rewards American Express card, which offers 2% cash back that is deposited into a Fidelity account. Some folks like the Fidelity card because it has no annual fee. That’s fair, though the first year is waived on the Capital One card, and the $150 in bonuses nearly pays for the next 3 years.

Also, the Capital One Spark Cash Business card doesn’t have foreign exchange fees, while the Fidelity card does — if you travel overseas at all, that’s a big difference.

You’ll have to decide based on your travel patterns whether cash back makes more sense for you than a points reward card. But if you prefer cash to rewards, then the 2% rebate you get with the Capital One Spark Cash Business is one of the top options available right now.

(If you were wondering, I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Capital One. I just think this is a great cash back card.)

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