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Hawaiian Airlines to Launch Nonstop Service to New York

Following in the footsteps of a sea of defunct carriers, Hawaiian Airlines will launch nonstop daily service between JFK and Honolulu beginning June 4th. For those who have been churning Hawaiian Airlines credit cards on the East Coast (for the Hilton points, which are now pretty worthless for their best hotels), you finally have a redemption option. If you were wondering, it’s 40k miles round trip in coach, 80k miles in first class. Unfortunately, the credit cards only get you 35k miles, so you’ll have to do a bit o’ churning to get that free first class ticket, but it’s another option from New York if you have some sort of beef with Continental, which has been running Newark – Honolulu nonstop for years. Lots of seats are available if you want to use miles.

One plus of the new service vs. the Continental flight is that it arrives in Honolulu at 3pm instead of 515pm, giving you a wider range of options for inter-island connections (that 5:15 flight, once you get your bags and head over to the other terminal in Honolulu, can make connections a bit tight).

Book by November 30th and fly during June and round trip coach seats are $450. First class are $1650. Regular fares are $800 and $2400. Still, if you’re someone who buys first class seats to Hawaii (I’m talking to you Tom Dowling), that’s $1,000 cheaper than Continental (though the seats aren’t as nice).

Finally, if you’re an airline nerd, you might be wondering who has flown JFK – HNL before. I believe the answer is Pan Am, ATA, TWA, United, and, oddly enough, Continental (before they built out their presence at Newark).


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  1. Just a note… if you have a HA Visa, the award price drops to 35k in Y

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