If You Are Caught Having Sex in an Airplane Bathroom, Don’t Fight With the Crew

An Australian couple was arrested after they were found in the bathroom together on a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Adelaide, Australia.

The flight crew caught the couple in the bathroom and asked them to come out immediately. Upon emerging, they become belligerent and fought with the flight attendants. After the flight landed in Adelaide, they were arrested. The gentleman was charged with disorderly conduct while the woman was released without any charges against her.

To Jetstar’s credit a spokesperson said that they don’t allow people to go into the bathroom in pairs, and that if a couple were caught in there, “They would be asked to come out, and if they comply there are no further questions asked or action taken.” Of course, these people did not comply and were arrested.

Moral of the story: if you are caught having sex in an airplane bathroom, please just go back to your seat quietly.

(Thx, D-Lux)


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