A Roundup of Celebrities Kicked Off Planes Recently

i just did a radio interview with Scott Braddock down at News 92 in Houston about Alec Baldwin being removed from an American Airlines flight for refusing to turn off his Words with Friends game. You may have noticed quite a few celebs being kicked off planes. I thought I’d review them here:

Who: Alec Baldwin
Why: Playing Words with Friends
Where: American Airlines flight in LA
Ironic part: 30 Rock is shown on AA flights

Who: John Rich
Wait, who is that: He’s the “Rich” in country group Big & Rich
Big & Rich?: Yes
Where: Southwest Airlines flight in Vegas
Why: Too drunk
Isn’t that fitting for a country singer: Probably

Who: Billie Joe Armstrong
Who?: Lead singer for Green Day
The same Green Day that used to be a legitimate punk group and is now part of the Broadway establishment?: Yes
Where: Southwest flight in Oakland
Why: Baggy Pants
That’s not a very punk reason to be kicked off a plane: No, it isn’t

Who: Josh Duhamel, Actor
Where: US Airways flight at LaGuardia
Why: Refused to turn off Blackberry
When: A year ago…I’m not sure that qualifies as “recently” bought I thought it was fitting here

Who: Kevin Smith, Director
When: More then a year ago – give me some leeway
Where: Oakland on Southwest (just like Billie Joe Armstrong, for those keeping track at home)
Why: Too fat
Why he should’ve been kicked off: To make up for every movie he’s made since Chasing Amy


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