How to Turn Your New Hilton HHonors Gold into Hyatt Diamond Status

I suspect many of you have newly minted Hilton HHonors Gold status thanks to this promo. That’s fantastic, but what if you’re more interested in Hyatt’s Diamond status because of their 4 suite upgrades, lounge access, breakfast and more? You may be in luck.

Hyatt is offering a status challenge to Hilton Gold members that will net you Diamond status if you meet the requirements. They’ll give you trial Diamond status for 60 days. If you stay 12 nights during that period, you’ll be Diamond through February 2013 (plus they’re throwing in 1,000 bonus points per night for the first 6 nights). Not too shabby.

Just email Hyatt Gold Passport here, and they’ll email you back requesting proof (screenshot) of your Hilton status, and they’ll lay out the rules of the challenge.

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Hyatt now seems to be requiring you to show that you have some Hilton activity before they’ll let you do the match. In other words, they’re aware of the Hilton Gold promo. YMMV.


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  1. Long time lurker, commenting for the first time. Thanks for all your informative posts. I had emailed Hyatt with the same idea but am not sure the above setup would work given this statement in their email reply:

    “Please be advised, the competitor’s statement must show at least ten (10) stays or thirty (30) nights accrued in order for the tier match to be processed.”

    Any idea how strict they are on this? It would seem to exclude people who got status through this HHonors promotion. Thanks!


    • I think if you just send a screenshot of the account page from the website you will be ok – the part showing your status. I’ve been told this has worked for people. Let me know if it works for you.

  2. I have the same concern. Unfortunately, the account page shows the “qualifying summary” (nights, stays, base points) right underneath your name and gold vip status. I guess I have nothing to loose by giving it a shot anyway.

    • Perhaps send a note with it saying you’ll be increasing your travel in the new year and that youre asking for a challenge, not a handout. Perhaps that’ll help?

  3. They’ve cracked down as a result of these HHonors promos.

    They’re going to need to see the nights/stays to award you the coveted Diamond status.

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