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Combine Hawaiian Airlines Accounts for 280,000 Hilton HHonors Points

I’m not the only one who has written in the past about the fantastic deal you get when you sign up for the Hawaiian Airlines Bank of America Visa and the Bank of Hawaii Visa (if you care, those are not affiliate links). There are $79 annual fees for each, but both earn you 35,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles after spending $1k in 4 months, which can be converted to Hilton Hhonors points at a 1:2 ratio). In other words, $158 will get you 140,000 Hilton points. Fantastic. And yes, you can apply for both cards.

But I’m bringing that up because of a little-publicized feature of those credit cards — you can transfer Hawaiian miles between accounts for free if the receiver has a Hawaiian Airlines credit card (details here).

This is helpful if you have a spouse or significant other. Each of you can sign up for both cards, netting you a total of 70,000 Hawaiian miles each. You can then transfer those points for free into one Hawaiian Airlines account.

That account now has 140,000 Hawaiian miles. Those miles can then be transferred into 1 Hilton Hhonors account, giving you 280,000 Hhonors points for only $316. That’s 4 nights at most Waldorf Astoria hotels. Or, if you’re inclined, 37 nights at a Category 1 hotel. That might come in useful after your wife kicks you out of the house for mileage running.

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  1. Rapid Travel Chai

    I recently did the above, plus the Virgin AmEx for Hilton, too, but in following the instructions with spouse I hit a wall at the last sentence. Would have been best if I read from the bottom up.

  2. i’m trying to plan a trip for my friend to europe in the last week of march. would it be too late to have her apply for these and then book at hiltons in major capitol cities? how far in advance do these big hotels run out of award space?

    • I’d be less concerned about Hilton availability and more concerned about whether those points will post by March — it’s cutting it very close for you to get the card, go through a billing cycle, have the points post, do the transfer, etc. It’s possible, but it’ll be close.

      Hotels often have space up until the last day.

  3. The VA card is a better deal, in a strictly annual fee per mile/point valuation. 50K miles = 100K HH points for $90 but with a 2500 spend (within 3 months).

    AND the Amex’s came in handy for the Small Business Saturday $25 credit, the Venmo $20+$20 credits and the two foursquare $10 freebies. Really knocks the annual fee cost down (to $5). :)

    Chase needs to run these kind of promos, too! I won’t be able to justify the Sapphire @ $95 without them showing some (cash) love…

  4. 280k Hilton Honors Points for $316 - pingback on January 5, 2012 at 2:41 pm
  5. Great post – I shared it with my friends! Richard – is the VS AMEX 50k offer still available? I don’t see it on their site.

  6. Never mind – I see that I’m late to the game for that offer. :neutral:

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