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What to Do When Only One of You Gets the Upgrade

Flying down to Florida the other day, 2 notable events occurred:

1) Somewhere over North Carolina I hit Platinum status on Continental for the first time ever. Yay me.

2) I was upgraded, but my wife (nor my children) was not. When I saw the upgrade go through, I told Susan that she could have the seat (lest I appear to be a gentleman, 10 years ago – the only other time this has happened to us – I took the upgrade and she sat in the back. We were not yet married, and I cannot imagine why she married me after I allowed that to happen. I also can’t imagine why I would have sat up front on that America West flight while she sat in coach. Live and learn, I guess…)

Susan protested, and said she would sit in the back with the kids, but I insisted (in no small part because we had friends on the flight and if they saw me sitting in the front with Susan in the back with the children, I would be thought a bigger schmuck than I already am). Susan relented and took 1E. We told the girls that they’d be sitting with daddy, which I consider to be a prize unto itself. They did not consider themselves to lucky. Sage went bananas, screaming that mommy is more fun, etc, that I suck (in so many words), and that her vacation has now been ruined by my presence sitting next to her. Scarlett was a bit more stoic about the whole thing (“Mommy better be sitting with us on the way home.”)

I received the upgrade for our flight tomorrow, and it looks like I’ll be taking the seat up front (unless 1 of the girls is also upgraded as my companion), if only to appease my children, since spending 2 1/2 hours with them on a plane is apparently the worst thing that’s ever happened to them (I swear I let them have whatever crap they wanted out of the Giant Bag O’ Crap ™ we brought with us).

So, I thought I’d ask today’s poll question:

What Do You Do If You Are Upgraded but Your Significant Other Is Not?

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  1. It’s probably because I have four kids, not two, but I’d choose option C – nobody gets the upgrade. Two parents with two kids each is pretty easy to manage – one parent per row of three seats – especially since they all have iWhatevers or DSsomethings. But leaving one parent with four children in coach? That’s challenging.

    • Good point – the number of kids will have some bearing on what you do. We have 2, so 3 of us together in a row is completely manageable. Maybe in your case you send the youngest kid to First and let someone up there deal :)

      • Now there’s an idea, but I wouldn’t send the youngest, he’s easy. I’d send the most difficult. I.e., the girl.

  2. In my specific situation with a 3 and 11 year old, I would send my 11 year old up front. I would quickly turn into the Dad of the year but would have to deal with “Dad, you really need to be going on more business trips to re-qualify for Platinum Status next year so I can sit up front again”.

  3. Hahaha! I love how you recounted the story. What a good laugh!

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