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2011 Roundup: All The Credit Card Offers I Didn’t Sign Up For…And Why I Should Have

Ah, New Year’s. The time of year for spending time with friends, and all of us blogger types to brag about how many miles we got this year.

Well screw that. Not this blogger type. In a somewhat more humbling moment, I thought I’d share with you all of the credit card offers (and a couple of other offers) that I did not take advantage of this year for various reasons. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of those that are still available (I know I’ll be doing some of these), but I know that I sometimes start to feel like an idiot when I read what others are doing in regards to sign up bonuses — I start to feel like I’m missing out because I’m not going completely nuts. The hell with that. You should feel good about whatever you’ve signed up for this year. Any free miles is better than none.

So to make myself feel better (?) here’s a list of offers that I have not (or have not yet) taken advantage of (but probably should):

Cheap Flights
I did not go to Stockholm and/or Copenhagen for $149 on Delta, even though that fare was available for a little while. I had just gone to Copenhagen (stopover on trip home from Amsterdam) so I didn’t feel it was necessary. I’ve been to Stockholm and I like it there but, again, not necessary. Having kids also puts a damper on running all over the place.

I did not go to Madrid for $249 on American. I probably should have done that one. As Three Dog Night once sang, I’ve Never Been to Spain.

I did not sign up for the $500 fare to Koror on Korean, though that one was not honored so good thing I didn’t waste a chit with my wife on that.

I did not purchase the $500 BMI flight to Kyrgyzstan. I actually though long and hard about that one. The rest of my family was traveling when that was available and I could’ve gone. But then I shut my eyes and thought about 24 hours in coach on BMI and I just couldn’t do it.

Credit Card Offers

The most obvious one I should have done but have not is the Chase Business Ink Bold® Charge Card. You’ll earn 25,000 points after first purchase, then an additional 25k points after $10,000 in spend in 3 months There was a little while where I felt I was going a bit nuts with the credit cards, so I thought I’d hold off. The two of us will jump on this in January.

The Hawaiian Airlines Bank of America card and the Hawaiian Airlines Bank of Hawaii card have somehow slipped by me (even though I keep writing about it). 35k points after first purchase, $79 annual fee. You can get both cards and your spouse can get them to. Hawaiian then allows you to transfer miles between accounts. Then transfer those miles into Hilton at 1:2 and presto, 280,000 Hilton HHonors points. I’m still ambivalent about these cards, if only because we stay at hotels so rarely (I’ve grown fonder of condos, since it’s the 4 of us), and I’m sitting on 400k Starwood points. Still, with Hawaiian Airlines starting nonstop service to New York, it’s a possibility for us.

Alaska Airlines Visa card gets you 25k miles now (though it’s been 40k in the past), as well as a $99 companion ticket that’s good on any fare (even in first). I’ve passed on this, even though it appears to be somewhat churnable – ie, wait a year – primarily because there’s a $75 annual fee. Alaska miles are very flexible, though, and can be used on Delta, American and others. Still, I’ve passed.

I really don’t know why I haven’t done the United Mileage Plus Explorer card. There’s a 60k offer for elites (check in your account when you sign in to the site), though the regular offer is 25k, plus 5k for adding a user, plus 10k for spending $25k. I’m a Continental/United flyer, so again, I’m not sure why I passed on this. Probably because I felt I had too many Chase cards, but that’s a bit of nonsense. I’ll get this one next year.

I didn’t do the US Airways card, though it’s 40,000 points + up to 10k for a balance transfer (and 10k on each anniversary of having the card). The nice thing about it is that it appears to be churnable (thanks, Gary!). I’ve been too lazy to get involved with that, but I’ll likely do in 2012.

Those are the big ones I haven’t bothered with, to my partial chagrin. I’ll sign up for the Bold for my wife and I to start the year off with 100k Ultimate Rewards points and go from there.

Are there any cards that you haven’t signed up for that you’ll jump on in the new year?

(If you care, the Amex, Bold, and United cards are affiliate offers. The US Airways, Alaska, and Hawaiian cards are not).

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  1. I just churned the US Airways Mastercard — 40k points after first purchase, yes I’ve had the signup bonus before :)

  2. The Hawaiian credit card offers link appears to be broken. Is it now expired?

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