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Iceland Express Leaves the Transatlantic Market

Iceland Express, which had been flying leased 757s across the Atlantic to Boston, Newark, Chicago and Winnipeg (?), has announced that they will no longer be flying those routes. The Icelandic budget carrier had been leasing the 757s from Astraeus Airlines which:

a) went out of business in November, canceling their leasing agreement; and
b) is actually probably best known as the airline for which Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson was also a pilot (yes, that makes him the coolest man on the planet)

Because of the demise of Astraeus, little Iceland Express now has a fleet consisting of 2 A320s, which will allow them to offer a schedule that looks like this:

Alicante: 2x weekly
Barcelona: 2x weekly 

Basel: 1x weekly 

Berlin: 3x weekly 

Billund: 1x weekly
Bologna: 1x weekly 

Frankfurt Hahn: 2x weekly 

Gothenburg: 1x weekly 

Copenhagen: 7x weekly
Krakow: 1x weekly 

London Gatwick: 7x weekly 

Paris: 3x weekly
Warsaw: 1x weekly

(thanks to for the list of cities)

The New York – Keflavik market got crowded last summer when Icelandair, which had flown that route solo for as many years as I can remember, saw competition from both Iceland Express and Delta. Delta will be back this summer, flying the route for a couple of months. Award availability is usually pretty good.

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  1. According to Statistics Canada, Manitoba is home to the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland.[2] There are about 26,000 people with Icelandic ancestry living in Manitoba,[3] making up about 2% of the total population of Manitoba. About 35% of the Icelandic Canadian population lives in Manitoba.[4]
    Currently many ethnic festivals related to New Iceland, such as Íslendingadagurinn, are held in these areas, and also the weekly newspaper Lögberg-Heimskringla[5] is printed in Winnipeg.

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