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US Airways Premier World Mastercard: 40k Miles with No Spend + $99 Companion Certs and More

I mentioned the US Airways Premier World Mastercard the other day, noting how there is now an offer for 40,000 miles after the first purchase with the first year’s $89 fee waived. That’s a pretty good offer right there. Plus, this card is apparently churnable (people who have had it before say they have been approved again). I got the card today, and I’ll report back in 91 days if that’s the case.

I wanted to bring up the card again because I missed 3 pretty solid additional benefits:

- The card comes with a $99 companion certificate good for 2 additional passengers (ie, for each regular fare, you get 1 $99 fare, for up to 2 people). Although not quite as generous as the Alaska Airlines companion certificates (which can be used on first class fares to Hawaii), they are still helpful. The US Airways certs can be used on coach flights within the lower 48 and Canada, provided the first fare is more than $250. Is that a giant benefit? No. But can it save you a few hundred dollars? Sure.

- As long as you have the card, you get a 5,000 point discount on award bookings when travel is on US Airways metal. US Airways has some pretty generous deals during off-peak times (25k miles to the Caribbean; 35k/60k to South America; 35k/60k to Hawaii or Europe.) Take off 5k and you’re looking at a 55k business class round trip ticket to Europe in January or February. That’s pretty amazing (even more amazing if you get those Dividend Miles by transferring from Starwood, where you get the 5k bonus for a 20k transfer, meaning you can get a roundtrip business class ticket to Europe for just 45,000 SPG points.) That’s pretty nuts.

- If you spend $25k a year on the card (not necessarily recommended considering how generous other programs can be — I’m talking to you Starwood), they waive award processing fees. Plus, 10,000 miles will convert from regular miles to Elite miles, putting you that much closer to getting that status you want.

Throw in a lounge pass and priority boarding, and I think this is one of our more underrated cards. And I’ll let you know in April how churnable this really is.

With the annual fee waived, and 40k bonus miles after the first purchase (plus, it’s not another Chase card), I see little reason NOT to get this card.

Apply here.

(No, I don’t get an affiliate payout for this card)

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  1. If all of us canadian could be eligible for that…

  2. My wife and I each have this card. We live near PHL, so USAirways is the dominant carrier around here. We fly twice a year with our child to the midwest and because of the card and two companion certs, I figure we save about $900 per year. Not bad for a low annual fee card.

    • Thanks for that – I really think this card is underrated. Those companion certs can be really valuable (I know, I know – not always). Oh, and I forgot to mention in the post that they will charge you $25 to book that companion ticket offline, so it’s really a $124 companion cert. Even so, it’s basically a cash rebate on a ticket purchase.

  3. it’s not 2 companion certs, it’s a single companion cert that is good for up to 2 fellow travelers at $99 per.

    also, in addition to the day pass, there’s a $75 off club purchase coupon.

    interested too in seeing how churnable this is…

  4. Just got the card (bonus posted) for the 3rd time.

    • Gary,

      How do you churn this card? Get it, make one purchase, wait for the miles to post, cancel and reapply? What is the delay between canceling and reapplying?

  5. Gary, details please! Did you keep the cards open while getting the additional cards? How long in between between apps/approvals?

    • In case Gary doesn’t reply, Gary has mentioned that he did not close the earlier card. I believe he said there was a year between approvals, but I’ll let him chime in.

      I’m going to reapply in 91 days (well, 90 days from now) and see what happens. I’ll post back.

      • Jared,

        can you clarify how that works? How do you apply for a card you already have? Don’t you have to cancel before reapplying?

        • I know that with the AA biz card, you do not need to cancel the old card. I’ll let Gary respond above (assuming her responds), but I believe he said he did not cancel the last card.

          I’m not sure anyone definitively knows how long you need to wait between apps for the US Airways card. I’m going to try 91 days and see what happens.

          • So just so I understand, you have an active card and you reapply for the exact same card?

          • Yes. Gary can give the details of his case, but as I understand it, you can reapply without canceling. As I said, i’ll let you know when I try in 3 months.

  6. I got this card back in September and am loving it. My husband and I are going to Europe in Feb. in business for a total of 110,000 miles. (20k of those were transferred from Starwood.) Right now the card sent me notice of a promo where with a $1250 spend each month of Nov, Dec and Jan you receive an extra 15K miles. Hopefully they will continue additional promos through the year. So, I too will be very interested if it is churnable, particularly without cancelling the original. I would like to get the 10K miles on my anniversary date. I think that is a very nice benefit as well. Right now I am trying to decide on the best use for our companion passes with my son and husband.

    And Jared I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts! I particularly like your overview on frequent flyer tips and your approach of different strokes for different folks when it comes to the best value for your miles. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks, Susan – I always appreciate the kind words.

      I’m looking forward to the cards showing up for my wife and I (well really to the bonus miles posting), and trying to churn…I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

  7. Another great post Jared, thanks! I’ll be applying for this card this month, can’t wait!

  8. There is also an offer that gives you an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles per year. In my mind, the 10000 bonus miles per year makes the $89 annual fee a wash. The rest of the benefits is just gravy.

  9. Did you ever find out how churnable this card is?
    Do you know why US Airways lists different benefits if you order this card while purchasing tickets?

    • You can generally churn this 2x a year, it appears. What different benefits does it list?

      • It only shows a 25,000 mile bonus with the first purchase, as opposed to the 30,000 mile bonus currently being offered here:

        It also does not mention the club pass or the ability to redeem for fewer miles. There is no link to copy and paste, but if you go to the website as if you were going to purchase flights you’ll see the option to save $50 with this purchase by ordering the premier card.

        • Use the link above to get the higher bonus.

          • What if I am ready to purchase airline tickets today and don’t have time to order the card? Will I still get the the club pass or the ability to redeem for fewer miles? Is that a special offer or standard no matter how you order the card?

          • I don’t know – I would just use the link above — assuming you’re approved, you’ll get the card in about 7-10 days.

          • I just noticed the card you link to, which comes with no annual fee and 40,000 miles after the first use, is for Chairman’s Preferred members. Is that enforced or could any Dividend Miles member get the card?

          • Actually, I realize anybody could get the card, but can anybody get the 40,000 miles and no annual fee for a year offered to Chairman’s Preferred.

  10. Anyone can get it and get the 40k bonus with no annual fee for the first year.

  11. The US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World card is fairly good. I have had it since 2005 BUT American AAdvantage and DELTA SKYMILES AmEx cards are much better! Why?

    First you are placed in Zone 2 like US Airways and American places you in Zone 1 boarding.

    Second DELTA has more “cheap” point days than US Airways and American – I use less points on the days I need or want to travel compared to US Airways and American that seems to almost never to have those 12000 point flights (25000 round trip flights). As for the Companion ticket in all the years I have received the certificate, I have NOT used them… they are betting on it that you don’t. So is this really a perk when I would rather have a day or two Free at the US Airways Club Room than a companion certificate I may or may not (usually the case not) use!

    Third and most important is that DELTA SKYMILES and American AAdvantage holders get 1 FREE bag to check in whereas US Airways will charge you $25.00 per bag (no free bees here)… in this economy come on you mean US Airways can’t offer its card holder 1 free check in bag?

    Finally, DELTA flight attendants are more professional and even when in economy class one gets complimentary refreshments and snack whereas US Airways only give you a drink.

    Now that American Airlines and US Airways have joined to become the largest Air Carrier in the US the program will improve if not match the AAdvantage Miles and/or SkyMiles rewards. But for me DELTA SKYMILES is far SUPERIOR than US Airways or American Airlines.

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