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One Last Reason to Get the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Cards

Seriously, this will be the last thing I write about why you should get the 2 Hawaiian Airlines credit cards (their cards are NOT affiliate links – I don’t get paid anything for pushing them, I just think there are some amazing benefits, which is why I keep writing about them. Would you prefer I just keep writing about the Chase Sapphire card like, um, every other blogger? No? Good.)

Where was I? Oh yes, the Hawaiian Airlines cards (B of A card here, Bank of Hawaii card here). The highlights:

- $79 annual fee
- 35,000 miles after first purchase for EACH card, and you can get both (EDIT: IT’S 20K AFTER FIRST PURCHASE AND 15K AFTER SPENDING $1,000 IN 4 MONTHS)
- you can transfer miles for free between accounts as long as each person has the credit card
- miles can be transferred to Hilton at 1:2 rate, earning you 280,000 HHonors points for you and spouse opening 2 cards each

But I’m writing today to mention that Delta is a redemption partner of Hawaiian Airlines, and some of the required miles are actually less than if you booked using Delta Skymiles (award chart here). For example,

You can use 55,000 Hawaiian miles to fly to Europe in coach on Delta (instead of 60,000 Skymiles). Southern South America is only 50,000 miles (instead of 60,000). Not all redemption rates are favorable (I’m looking at you, 160,000 mile business class award to Asia), but for Europe and South America you’re better off using Hawaiian miles. Plus, the current Skymiles Amex offer is only 30,000 miles after $500 in purchases – If you’re looking for a quick hit for miles that can be used on Delta, the Hawaiian credit cards are a better deal.

OK, that’s it about the Hawaiian cards for a while. Carry on.

Find out more about Hawaiian Airlines credit card and their rewards programs at

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  1. Both Hawaii Airline cards give you 20,000 miles after the first purchase.
    the next 15,000 miles come after you spend $1,000 over 4 months

  2. I have been thinking about the Hawaiian cards for a while now. I just wish they would be a little more generous with the sign up bonus!

  3. Rapid Travel Chai

    Is the Delta redemption process through Hawaiian pretty smooth? I assume it is best find low award availability on and then call Hawaiian to book? I got the two cards recently and have never even looked at Hawaiian’s website, can that book Delta awards?

    • Yes, you have to call Hawaiian Airlines at 1-877-HA-MILES (8am-4pm Hawaiian time, Monday-Friday) to book partner travel.

  4. Rapid Travel Chai

    Please write more about Sapphire. A day without a Sapphire pitch is like a day without a sunrise. Imagine the frenzy if there is actual news about that card.

  5. Thanks for mixing it up. I really enjoy your blog and attitude towards a lot of this stuff.

    If I remember correctly, Hawaiian miles also get a lower redemption on virgin atlantic. I think you can go anywhere they fly for a very low mileage.

    • Thanks – You are correct (perhaps I should’ve mentioned this in the post): Redemptions on Virgin Atlantic are 50k/100k to London Coach/Biz. More interestingly are flights to anywhere else they fly are 70k/140k — that’s a good redemption rate (in coach) for flights to Africa and the Middle East.

  6. Another benefit is that the cards are offered by Barclays and Bank of America. Nice change of pace for those who have maxed out their Chase/Amex/Citi opportunities in the near term.

  7. FYI: with cred score of 750+, no apps within last 4+ months, just tried to apply for both the BoH and BoA Hawaiian cards, doing both together on separate screens and sending at the same time.
    The BoH card gave me a “decision pending” screen, while the BoA app went to a formal application error screen (not from my web browser, but from the bank, with 1-800 numbers to call).
    Both of these were done by some third-party card app site, so I called their 1-800 number. They said they only saw the BoH app showing under my name, didn’t see evidence of a BoA app.

    Any lesson in this? Is simultaneous apps for both cards the wrong move? Raises questions for the processor?
    After this, same day, was instantly approved for the US Airways barclays card online.

    • I think you just got a random error. I was approved immediately for US Airways. B of A took a few days, but I was approved. I haven’t heard from B of H. I’ll call tomorrow. Also did the same set of apps for ky wife, and have received the same approvals.

  8. worldtraveller2

    I was buying my son a car between Christmas and New Years, so since I knew they would be pulling a hard credit pull, that night I went home and applied for: the USA Barclay’s card, the BofA Hawaiian Card and the BofH (Hawaiian) card. I got instant approval on the USA card with a limited credit line (but didn’t mind!) then got an email from them stating that after reviewing my account they declined to give me the card, but within a few short days it arrived in my mailbox! so go figure?
    I got approved for both the BofA and BofH cards, but they said they would decrease my BoA Alaska credit! Neither were instant approvals. I also applied for the BofA Hawaiian card for my business, but with that one, I got a denial and a “we want to talk to you” letter. So overall, it was a good app-o-rama on the sly, since I really hadn’t even planned out what was going to be in this churn.

  9. worldtraveller2

    Just figured out that they gave me the Platinum USA Barclay card with only 7500 on the first purchase and 5000 after the $750 spend. grrrr!

  10. worldtraveller2

    But now after reading the T & C’s of the USA Platinum Master Card … (as my above post was from looking it up on the internet) the account summary table says I should receive: 40,000 miles will be awarded in the first billing cycle, with up to 10,000 miles for every one dollar in balance transfers! ok, so now I am happy again!

  11. OK maybe I’m crazy but I’m having a really tough time using my HA miles to book a Delta flight. I’ve tried repeatedly to book a flight w/in the US as well as to Europe recently. Delta shows tons of availability but when I call the HA airmiles to book they have nothing – what gives?
    Are there any strategies that can increase my chances of actually getting a ticket on a Delta flight? This is frustrating.
    Thanks very much!

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