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A Few Quick Notes about My Trip to Las Vegas

I’m in Vegas for work, and I wanted to pass along a few quick trip notes:

- I’ve been writing this site for 8 years, and if I had to boil the travel advice I’ve given and received down to one thing, it is this: be nice to everyone. I was booked on a connecting flight out here, and I was able to standby on a nonstop. They only had middle seats available. I chatted with the gate agent a bit, said thank you for getting me on the flight, and sat down on the plane. Right before they closed the door, the gate agent came on the plane and gave me a boarding pass for an aisle bulkhead. She absolutely did not have to do that. If you are nice to people they will be nice to you.

- I’ve never slipped a few dollars to a hotel desk clerk when checking in to try to get a better room, but there’s no place better to do that than Las Vegas. I did it this time (making the sandwich between the Amex card and my ID), asking “if there are any really nice rooms available, I’d love to hear about them” and lo and behold $50 got me a pretty ridiculous room (ie, 54th floor with bathtub overlooking the strip). I know people say this works with $20. To each his own.

- I met a friend out here, and he flew in from Los Angeles on Southwest. I’ve noted before that there is no flight more fun than a Friday afternoon hop on Southwest from LA to Vegas — people are just really jazzed (and there is no more depressing flight than Vegas to LA on Sunday morning). In any case, he saw Dave Navarro (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction) get on the plane first (Business Select, I’m guessing?) When my friend boarded, he saw that there was a seat open next to him. He debated sitting next to Mr. Navarro (primarily for the story value), but decided to pass. When I told my wife this, she thought he was crazy, saying of course she would plop her butt down next to a famous person. So with that, I ask this:

Would You Choose the Seat Next to a Famous Person on a Southwest Flight?

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