A Question about Taxis in Las Vegas

If you’ve come to Las Vegas frequently you may have dealt with the issue if whether your cab driver should take the tunnel from the airport to your hotel, or whether they should just take surface streets.

My cab to the Cosmopolitan from the airport via the tunnel was $28. The cab from the hotel to the airport via the strip was $13. 

Let me ask the old Vegas hands out there:  is there any hotel on the strip where it is cheaper to take the tunnel out of the airport rather than surface streets?

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  1. no it is a extra way for them to try to have a bigger tip in the end.

  2. I agree with Matt. They often claim it’s faster taking the tunnel due to traffic on or near the strip but I think it’s crap.

  3. are you there for CES?

  4. I believe if you’re going to one of the north strip hotels (Stratosphere and the otehr ones up that way) it can be a shorter and certainly quicker route. But for anything from the Wynn south it’s very unlikely you should be taking the tunnel

  5. The tunnel can be useful with a rent-a-car (especially to the more northern Strip hotels), but since it adds several miles to a trip, it’s not generally a good idea in a taxi.

  6. You got longhauled :-( that’s a $16 ride. I usually give $20 with bag help and if s/he’s nice. Did s/he ask you if you wanted the “fastest way there”? That’s the permission s/he needs to go any way s/he wants. It’s pretty bad lately. Illegal but happens every day. When a cabbie asks me if I want to go the fastest way, I always say, “I like the cheapest way” or “Is that the shortest way” or something like that. The picture stops most of them, along with a well-dropped, “It’s good to be back, what’s happened in the past 2 months” kind of comment…

    Back to mccarren is usually cheaper because of right turn/left turn issues. Plus, there’s a $2 airport charge leaving the airport.

    I make a show of taking a picture of the taxi # and Driver’s ID picture. Wife left her sunglasses in a cab last year and we had them delivered to the hotel within 20 minutes after we called the company.

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