A Word about the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Every single blogger out there is pushing people who have been waiting to apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card not to wait because our affiliate company has asked us to note that this is now a “limited time offer.” (I am noting this now. Ass now successfully covered.)

This is really non-news. Every credit card bonus offer is a “limited time offer.” Does this mean that the 50k bonus is changing? Maybe. Maybe not. Are they pulling this tomorrow? No. Are we all going to die one day? Yes (well, not me – the rest of you).

So the advice is the same as it’s been: grab the bonuses where you can, knowing that you’re probably limited to 1 Chase card a month, and keep the Fidelity Amex for cash back if you don’t have complex travel plans ahead. We’ve seen this hysteria before when our affiliate company asks us to change something. Deep breath.

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  1. Million Mile Secrets

    Totally agree with you! And even if the offer disappears, I suspect it will be back eventually or there will be a non-affiliate link still available.

    But I don’t think it is possible to get 1 new Chase card a month…

    • Agreed – I think you may be correct about there being a non-affiliate link for this same bonus at some point (as we see with the Southwest card…)

  2. Rapid Travel Chai

    Always the most sensible and humorous perspective. Who knows, maybe there will be a better offer or the card will re-launch with even thicker metal to send them all swooning in envy.

    • Wait – are they rolling out a card with thicker metal? Seriously? They are? Dear God, my dreams have been answered!

      • Hey, most of the bloggers LIKE the crazy thickness of the Sapphire card. If I were actually going to keep it (I won’t, because I won’t pay the fee), I’d ask them if they could send me a “normal” card instead. With the thick card, I often have to engage in conversation with the cashier about “what kind of card is this.” I’m not a snob, and I don’t mind talk to cashiers, but after the 10th time (sign up cards for both myself and my wife), I don’t need to discuss my unusual form of payment any further.

  3. Didn’t they all say the same thing about the ink bold? And where’s its bonus now?

    • That’s my point. Plus, they typically (tho I guess not always) give us a heads up about the last day. And we’ve seen that the “last day” sometimes just means “the last day we’re going to pay out a bounty” not the last day of the offer.

      (I now fear I will no longer be invited to the travel blogger ice cream social)

  4. If my limited experience is representative, it’s not typically an ice cream social, more of a blogger cocktail hour. ;)

    I actually think most bloggers did a pretty good job this go round of just stating facts, and not projecting offer doom and gloom. Of course, my assessment may be biased. Ha ha.

    I do think that Rapid Travel Chai is onto something….there will probably be new offer in a few weeks that includes a card that can now no longer be carried on through security because it is so thick and dangerous. ;)

    • I was so not invited that I didn’t even know about the Blogger cocktail hour. :)

      I heard they were going to make the new card out of other credit cards. It’s the Chase Sapphire Preferred Sapphire Preferred. It’s made out of other Sapphire Preferred cards. Then smothered in guacamole.

      • Ooooh, if they can add queso to it, I’m in. BTW, come on a MegaDO, or the Chicago Seminars, or something similar and you (and everyone else who wants to join) will most definitely be invited to cocktail hour!

  5. I really enjoy the back and forth with this card…I just tell them “I am really special” and have some fun with it :grin:

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