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Introducing the OTR Post-o-Matic Blog Post Generator (TM) for New Travel Blogs

We’ve seen quite an increase in the number of travel/frequent flyer/credit card blogs out there recently, and I’m sure lots of folks out there are hoping to cash in on the millions-upon-millions all of us bloggers are making hawking credit cards incessantly (at least that’s what I’m hearing when I read people complaining about blogs on FT).

So, rather than be part of the problem, I thought I’d be part of the solution and introduce the OTR Post-o-Matic Blog Post Generator (TM) to help those of you thinking about starting a travel blog to get off your ass and get going. Here are the 7 posts you need to get started:

1) Hey, I just booked a trip!
2) Hey, look at me on the airplane! Please, I’m begging you, include a photo you take from your coach seat of the back of the seat in front of you. I always find that very helpful.
3) Hey, look at me in my hotel room! Bonus points if you include more than 5 photos of your room at the Holiday Inn Express Allentown.
4) Look at the credit cards I just got!
5) 263 groceries you can buy with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card.
6) 263 items in Home Depot you can buy with your Chase Business Ink BoldĀ® Charge Card card.
7) An admonition to be careful with your credit and not to over-extend yourself with credit cards, followed immediately by 7 credit card advertisements. Reminds me of Bud Light ads that say “Drink Responsibly” while showing a dude with a 6 pack surrounded by 3 women in bikinis. Yes, definitely, drink responsibly.

That’ll help you get started. I’m certainly open to suggestions from readers about other posts they think every new blogger needs to write to, um, stand out from the crowd.

We at the OTR are always happy to help.

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  1. Excellent! Time to find my Xanga password. :idea:

    I especially like the ironic credit card banners and text ads framing your every post to make fools of the disapproving hoards on FT. Well played.

    BTW I enjoy your site.

  2. Damn you, now I’m the idiot who laughed out loud in the middle of complete silence in the office!

  3. Don’t forget a post dedicated to how many “oohs and ahhhhs” I will get when I whip out my new card? That’s a really important feature/benefit.

  4. Great post! I’m going to copy it now.

  5. So true. Don’t forget to remind everyone that you can earn 250 starwood points by liking them on facebook, even if 8 other blogs have posted about it.

  6. Btw, TripAlertz is still giving away $5 for every person you invite. You can use my link to sign up.

  7. It would be interesting to poll bloggers and see if people actually make $$$ doing this.

  8. ba ha ha!

  9. Million Mile Secrets

    This is why we love you, Jared!

  10. honestly the only things i once thought of to be unique would be:
    1) be hilarious and sarcastic
    2) post about things mostly no one else posts about
    3) offer a free credit card planning service

    aaaaand now you’ve done all of them :)

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