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Spirit Airlines Introduces $2 DOTUC Fee — Enjoy Your Fare Hike

Spirit Airlines has been railing against the Department of Transportation’s ruling that airlines must bundle fees together with airfares when displaying prices to consumers. They describe it as unfair, but really they’re just upset that they can no longer pretend they sell $17 tickets. In truth, if they wanted to break out the fees, they certainly could – they could show the total cost, then break out all of the individual fees. They choose not to..

In any case, in response to this they have introduced what they’re calling a DOTUC fee — Department of Transportation Unintended Consequences — a $2 surcharge (each way) on tickets purchased everywhere except airport ticket counters (as I’ve noted here previously, good luck finding a quiet Spirit Airlines ticket counter at which you would want to purchase a ticket).

In the end, this amounts to a $2 fare increase each way, which is fine — I don’t care if they want to raise prices — but the incredibly annoying disingenuousness of their so-called fight against these regulations has even started to annoy me, and I’m a pathetic Spirit apologist.

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  1. I also was strangely annoyed by Spirit’s PR, so much so that I wrote to my house rep and both senators (including Boxer), and lo and behold the next day Boxer released a statement denouncing what Spirit is doing. I like to think it was my email.

  2. Allegiant has had a $10 per person per flight “Convenience Fee” for some time. The only way around it is booking at the airport counter. These fees kill me because airlines should want you to book online since it saves them money. However they figure no one will ever actually go to the airport given the very limited open hours. It’s a little reminiscent of the beginning of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when Ford is told that the plans to demolish his house have been on display all along, in the subbasement behind the locked door that says “beware of the leopard”, as I recall.

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