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I was starting to write a post laying out which airlines offer the lowest mileage redemption levels between each region. The number of miles you need to go from, say, New York to Buenos Aires can vary widely by airline.

I was all excited (?) about this idea, when in the course of doing a little research about it I saw the site (gee, hard to believe that web address was available). The site is simple — enter your departure and arrival cities and – poof – it tells you the number of miles required by every frequent flyer program. Damn, that’s pretty sweet.

I found it extremely useful as I – shameless plug – help create Custom Credit Card Plans for people. And you’ll find it useful too, especially if you have miles in a number of programs.

I have no idea how I hadn’t heard about this before.

(I’ll give credit where it’s due – I saw this on Flyertalk…well, I won’t always give credit where it’s due. I’ll probably steal ideas from time to time, but let’s just say that this specific time, I’ll give credit where it’s due.)

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  1. looks useful. I’ve been missing out on bmi apparently.

  2. At this time they are not yet supporting alliance/partner flights. For example, PHL-ORD showed up as 20k on AA being the lowest option, even though you can book using BA Avios for 15k on the same AA flights. The lowest BA option was showing as 80k connecting through LHR. They have told me that they are working on adding OneWorld partner redemptions, but they have not completed it yet. They are regularly adding new airlines and flight options, but as of now, you can not assume that one search there will give you the absolute lowest option.

  3. The site tells me that SkyMile awards start at 25,000 but that’s almost illusionary Have not seen such a award level in years. A site that would tell me what each program has available at the present time would be more helpful.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look at it! Always looking for good resources for myself and to pass on to my readers!

  5. This site has also been mentioned on milepoint.

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